Of Ramadan, Jalebis and Bad Driving..

So it begins, the holy month of Ramadan. And also begins the chance for Roohafza to make its sales for the year and dates to be eaten with a gusto not really seen the other 11 months. First of all, Ramadan Mubarak to all those reading this blog. May the month that follows be blessed for you and your family and loved ones. May it also present a chance for us to exercise our strengths in patience, understanding, sanity and of course wisdom and a greater sense of judgement.
We will need to exercise the last bit in a few areas over the course of the next 4 weeks. And being the blabber that I am I will be more than happy to elaborate on these areas. (Also because of certain other reasons which I cannot really openly discuss over here for it would create too many stirs and stairs and the general raise of the eye brow.)

The number one in my list has to be the after work driving and civic sense. I mean come on people; do you all lose your brains during the afternoon leading up to Iftaar time in this month? Seriously the traffic gets insanely crazy. Not in terms of rush necessarily. In fact not at all in that sense because traffic jams are something that we have to cope with at various times with high frequency throughout the year. The driving ability of the people on the road just goes out the window. They zig, they zag, they blow the horn and increase the wear and tear of the horn tenfold, they bring out their best evil eye expressions and hand gestures their potentials will allow. People please calm down while driving. We are all going home. We are all fasting. And even if you are getting late, its not the end of the world. It happens. Sometimes you do get late for an iftaar. Keep a date and a bottle of water in the car for the emergency opening of iftaar in the car if and when required.

Number two: respect those who are fasting. If you aren’t fasting and especially if you are doing it because you are like ‘uber cool’ and you don’t fast then at least respect the fact that others are fasting. Don’t blatantly eat, drink or smoke in front of people, in public, while driving in your cars. Trust me as the day wears on people tend to get into a generally irritated mood. Seeing such blatant displays of non fasting will get to them and might result in an unpleasant exchange of verbal spat. Highly unwanted really.

Number three: Don’t become pious for a month over things which will make you look pretentious. I mean if you are doing something all year round and not doing it during the holy month, that’s just not correct. In my opinion it doesn’t stand for anything. For example, people say you shouldn’t listen to music during Ramadan. That’s idiotic. And stupid. 11 months of the year it is ok for one to listen to music and during Ramadan you shouldn’t listen to music at all? Where is the logic in that? The point of Ramadan is to exercise patience and utmost tolerance during the time of the Roza. Yes to say that we shouldn’t listen to music too loudly is another thing. That comes under the ambit of respecting other people.

Number four: Jalebis, pakoras, samosas and other deep fried desi delights that you can think of are really not very healthy to be having every single day. I mean yes they are tempting and you really can’t resist, but one must! I am not saying I don’t immediately go for them at sight, I do. But at least I make an effort not to have them on the menu. These ‘Iftaar’ items are oozing oil and fat and carbs. Not good. Once in a week maybe is fine. The best thing to do is just to have dinner items at that time. One can open the iftaar with fruits and proceed to dinner. Quite fulfilling and satisfying and better (healthy option wise).

Number five: AMIR LIAQAT. I really don’t feel I need to say anything as the name itself should be self explanatory. We need to exercise patience not curse and cuss and break the tv at his sight. Simply change the channel or turn it off.

Number six: Pepsi pay 5 rupay nahi kam karo! My lord the campaign from last year gave me headaches. Over and over again. I should probably blame a certain channel more then Pepsi thou. They are usually the culprits in running an ad a gazillion times in 30 minutes which is just about enough a number for you to hate it!

Number seven: I think the fact that all food item prices are raised during Ramadan is something that has been there for many many years. Samosas would cost twice as much. Sugar would be criminal. Potatoes, onions, eggs etc etc will all take an unnatural price hike. But that’s been there forever like said. There really is not point in cribbing about it and calling the shopkeepers names and hurl abuses at their general moral character. Yes it is wrong. Yes it should not be this way and in fact world over during the festive season prices are generally slashed so that people can feel festive as well. But it is not the case in Pakistan and we all know that so let’s move on. Calmly.

Well that is all that I can think for now. Let us pray that this month is blessed for all us and that our prayers and wants are accepted. May we get what we want. May there be some betterment for this country and generally a more optimistic outlook. Happy fasting to all of you. I hope all the ‘XYZ + Tax’ deals satisfy your hunger and may all the Rooh Afza bottles quench your thirst! ( I say all because I am pretty sure their production for the year is planned only for the month of Ramadan :P)



  1. really enjoyed reading it….totally agree with everything u said except for one thing. I don’t think it’s disrespectful for one to eat drink or smoke if they are doing it in their own car, infact anywhere. I mean if somebody is not fasting they are not, maybe they are unwell, maybe they are not muslims, or they just don’t want to. Why does it matter to some1 who is fasting. How is that disrespectful?

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