‘Day 1 is equal to day 2 is equal to day 3 is equal to day 4 and so on and so forth’ Pete thought. ‘They are all the same. Nothing is different really. It always starts the same and ends the same. The only difference from perhaps one month back is that when the glorious small hand of the clock strikes the number 6 and the big hand strikes 12……and it is time to go home…….the man who leaves is a much more bitter man’.

The bitter man of course being Pete. Nothing was clicking for him these days. He was more haggard and generally irate then ever before. The slight streak of optimism that was left in him …. that used to continue to exist in him despite all the odds and the bad lucks and the ‘unfortunate situations’ was also slowly and slowly stripping off. Work was sucking his soul and spirit. His life in general was stagnant.

And to top it all…. Rachel…. his dream….. his passion….his obsession….. his love …. his motivation….his reason for thoughts …. for anything really if he put it down to that….. seemed a possibility that kept getting further and further away from him. He couldn’t really describe what he felt for her. When in her presence…. he would be in awe…. hooked…. brain doesn’t work … apart from thinking about her…. and not even like a free flowing story building thinking process …. but just her… there …. in his head …. her name… her face…. her existence…..everything her.

‘What’s the point…..I can’t get her…. and even if I could … what would I give her … a bitter person with a lousy job whose net worth is a grand total of 100$. Wow. That should really woo her over.’

And with that he sunk his head into his bean bag. The air was still. The room was quite. The darkness was silent. It felt like a lifeless scene from a horror / thriller movie. His eyes were wide open and staring at the ceiling. There was so much to do in life … not like a bucket list or things to do before you die list…. but a general things to get done list. More like … stuff which you really need to take care of asap. But even that was so much. Pete didn’t need the extra stress…. but then again …. that’s all the day seemed to offer him the past couple of weeks. Stressful day with a side order of more stress. And with that his landlord started banging and cursing at his door. He wanted the rent…. he abused…. threatened with getting the police to coming and throwing him out.

Rent to give , bills to pay, food to survive….. just doing a little bit with friends every now and then to ensure they know you are alive.

Too much to do. Lousy work ….. his obsession which is getting more and more further away. Heading on a path which will ensure it will be lost. It will remain lost.


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