What price this happiness….

As the month has progressed and as fortunes have seemingly switched hands, I have begin to delve deep into finding the answer to a question I have been mulling over for quite some time. At first the motivation for trying to find the answer was quite simple: fortune was at the other extreme and I was not happy. So obviously one must look out for their happiness and what must be done to achieve the same. For what I seek is to know what makes me happy? Generally….work … as it constitutes as the core part of one’s life span …is supposed to be something that makes one happy. Something that involves a little bit of passion… stirs the thoughts in a positive sense…. something which leaves you feeling ….if not entirely excited then at least good about yourself at the end of each about doing something that is fulfilling.

Even thou as I said with the month wearing on… the fortune has seemingly shifted from one extreme…. to at least in a zone much more akin to the other extreme if not at that extreme itself. Even so…I am feeling more motivated to try and garner a solution to the fact that I am not doing something which makes me happy. But given the current conditions globally and economically … anyone who is doing something should ideally continue doing it because otherwise it will be tough finding something else to do. But then …. what’s the payoff here? At one hand …. continue being miserable at something you don’t like. At the other hand …. smile without having anything to do or being productive. But maybe that’s the wrong way to look at stuff. Maybe that’s the sort of motivation people need to really run after their goals. To really unlock their true potential. To reach the summit of all that they are capable of.

Not only that. Life is short. It will end one day. I would much rather have lived this entire life and at the end say ‘ Yes there were tough times. There were hard times. There were times of absolute bliss and there were times of absolute sorrow. But at the end of the day… this life seemed full. I lived every moment of it. Learned every moment of it. And I was Happy.’

And not having spent a miserable portion trying to win a corporate rat race in which I honestly don’t find myself making a positive or constructive difference to anyone in the world.

I don’t think its absolutely necessary for everyone to live out their lives according to the same formula. Everyone should do what makes them happy. Now that doesn’t mean that you go on and do something that negatively impacts other people of course. And well … you (hopefully) get what I am saying.

Happiness shouldn’t have a price or a payoff. Your dreams should be followed. Its not necessary that everyone has the same 9-5 corporate career and then eventually get married and have kids and well etc etc etc. You can follow your dreams and get married and have kids and have them follow their dreams to. Just a thought.


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