Of Blogging

For quite some time I have had sort of a Blogger’s block. I think it’s been a good 4-5 months since I actually blogged with a certain amount of flow. I think that’s mostly been down to being tied down with work load and a lot of other things on my mind. Most of which even if I did write about would involve a lot of facts that I simply cannot put out there on the open web.

Tonight might be different. I think the past 3 weeks have seen an absolute transference of my scenarios in various things from one extreme to another and then back that …. through some twisted way of being a muse…. my blogging has been given life again. Rather my blabbering.

I truly believe that a big part of a blogger’s writings is the ability to blabber. But not the sort of blabber that tends to put one off…. but the sort which is interesting to some, fascinating to others. A few find it informative to. And I love this part blogging. The blabbering.

I have been maintaining this blog for the past 3 years. Prior to that I never used to write like this. I mean … prose or gibberish or article type stuff. I used to write lyrical stuff .. which was .. very average at best. Not that I am saying that my blogging is millions of light years ahead of that ability. Better nonetheless. What’s more is that this really gives me a lot of pleasure… much more in terms of expression then anything else. Granted very few can understand in exactly what way I am expressing myself at times. But its like that voice in my head has a character to it now. It has suddenly become an interesting channel of conversation ranging from current topics to the most utterly absurd and insignificant things. From events of my actual life … things that have happened… my feelings … to the deepest corners of my imagination and fantasy.

JD – the character from the …err… ‘Dramedy’ is what it would be called I suppose… more of a comedy thou – once had this habit of going through an ‘inner monologue’ (that’s what its called if I am not mistaken). I think this blog also gives me that channel in a sense. Even if I am not stating absolute facts… I do write something which is carved or developed right out of that train of thought.

What’s more is the whole idea of having an online pseudonym which gives it a cool and mysterious effect. For people who don’t know me I mean. For people who know me a page is dedicated to you on the top of this site. Please refer to that :P.

I think it’s important for everyone to have a outlet to whatever is happening in their heart and head. Whatever is happening around them and having a direct impact and effect on them. Everyone needs something to keep them sane. At times its not just one thing … but a combination of things. Each working at a different time. For me its mostly music… blogging… and playing some sport. Even video games which are sports centric.

Anyways… I think that’s all I am gonna say for now. And that I can just feel a lot of blogging coming to me…. the blabbering spirit is alive in me again … for now. With the long weekend ahead … I probably will. A lot of things I have to say a lot on. That I have just not been able to. See … even signing off I blabbed so much. Blogging is fun. It can be addictive. etc etc etc. ok done.


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