Of Heart and Mind….again….

The heart and the mind. Forever at war with each other. Forever battling out logic vs emotions.

I know i have written about these things before in my blog. Amazingly this topic keeps coming up again and again. Through various instances and circumstances that have come and gone in my life. And in those various instances and circumstances I have at times chosen logic. And on others emotions. One says to the other ‘I know best’. (On most occasions its usually is, rather has, been emotion which has taken precedence. Trend seems to have changed as I have grown. Natural I suppose.)

The thing is that logic is the obvious way to go. But the emotion plays up so much on our souls and spirits and are imaginations and thoughts and what not that logic gets beaten down eventually. Of course in the cases (and again the more usual ones) where your choice backfires… or causes a pain or hurt (emotional … or physical at times (strictly speaking about stupid stunts attempted as a kid)) you are left wondering ‘Where did I go wrong’. The thing with me is ..and I am sure I must have mentioned this before as well. Emotionally speaking .. I can disconnect rather quickly and easily when something is over. However when something isn’t over…. it still continues….aah .. now therein lies the problem. Then you really … don’t know what to do. Emotion tries to show you heaven. Logic shows you practicality and reality. Oh but emotion. Oh that stupid forbidden organ. It plays with you. Gives you hope … false hope… realistic hope… whichever. It gives you hope. And if nothing happens of that hope… you crumble and crack.

It would be so much easier… beautiful and oh … all that one wants if only things would happen according to what your heart wants and envisions.

It would be perfection. It be your dreams come true. It be your self feeling actualized. It would be you achieving all that you set out to achieve. It would be you conquering your fears. It would be your world set in the strides of heaven.

But that’s not the way it is. What is worst is when you start holding on to something that cannot or does not want to be held on to. When you continue in vain attempts to do so for a long long time. And you already know what the end is going to be. It’s really sucky. But because we are humans…and humans are emotional creatures… we continue being fools.heart-vs-mind

Now if we would just listen to our minds instead of  the above mentioned… and follow logic, practicality and be realistic, well I guess we could move on ….and be generally less day dreaming and sulky about some things which are never meant to be.

The catch here is thou that if you really feel strongly in certain things… you can never let go until it actually goes itself. Till it reaches that point where you morally feel and realize and know that nothing can happen.

Annnnd if you only ever follow logic and keep listening to your mind….. I am pretty sure you would become boring in your mind. Even though the forbidden organ… can be hurtful…. and end up giving you a lot of pain…. it also does give you a lot of good memories… in other emotions and experiences.

And you know what …I guess some people will always remain romantics …and will continue to listen to their hearts. But that’s ok. That’s who they are. At times the heart is right. At times emotion does make the right choices. So who knows…. maybe if you start taking chances ….. you will take a couple of the right ones along the way which will always hold you in good tidings for all time to come.

You might take a chance which helps you realize your dream. You might take a chance which helps you win over someone. Which helps you start something great.

So heart wins right ? Arrgh. I don’t know. Neither wins. It remains an everlasting battle. Oh well… life goes on. 🙂


NOTE: Emotions aren’t necessarily directed towards love and that someone special. They can also be directed towards what you want to achieve professionally. Or this dream that you might have of starting something or becoming something. Etc etc. I felt the way the post was written that perhaps this disclaimer was necessary.


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