And the road goes ever on….

When I started my Bachelors… around 6-7 years ago, I had a very different idea of what I wanted out of life after finishing my studies. I always had this image of what would follow afterwards. Where I would end up. Of what I wanted when I was independent and on my own feet so to speak. It was very clear. But … things aren’t always going to end up as you plan.

Life is constantly changing. It always has and it will continue to do so in the future as well. In fact the very foundations of the future are dependent upon the change in life. Its becoming more and more fast paced. You simply can’t take it slow. Well not in most things anyway. Maybe in your head. (Actually it’s a good idea to take it slow in your head… in terms of thinking and well… over thinking etc.). It is getting more and more competitive out there. The corporate world is getting more and more well… let’s just say ‘practical’ about everything. And if you don’t keep pace with it…well then you are pretty much done for.

And it’s not just that. Its tougher in the economic times and growing costs of living around the world. Rich getting richer. Poor getting poorer. And then there are those who lost bad in the money market and just trying to keep it sane and together. The struggle…just keeps making it harder. It gets harder.

I had this one thing in mind… that everything else on track…. when I start working… after I have achieved a somewhat … stable point in the life curve (the age I had in mind was somewhere in my early to mid 30’s), I would be able to start working on something that I really feel dearly about. Something along the lines of humanitarianism or giving something back to this country. Helping people. By establishing some sort of charity school system… which I could manage. That I would be able to save enough funds till that time to be able to start something like that. If anything … that seems to go farther and farther away with every passing moment. Maybe it’s just me going into my over thinking drive again but it does. There are so many things that I would have to take care of before I can even begin considering about something like that. Maybe I won’t be able to explain it entirely of what I had in mind… I mean broadly … yes it is the whole ‘helping people’ thing. helping those who cannot help themselves. I have always felt this … thing in my heart that somewhere .. somehow … my purpose is to be able to start something like that. Something that helps people .. in some way or the other. And I am not talking about a commercial way of helping people like ‘Ooh .. let us help with your financial needs…. XYZ bank’. Not that kind of help. Definitely more towards the providing people with the basic elements help. Helping children live their childhood. Helping people get an education, the very basic one. Drive people to make this country and themselves a better nation, place. Charities, fund raisers. Stuff like that.

But that road… the end of that road…. seems to be getting farther and farther away. I have always maintained I am not going to leave this country, go away from it because of all the obvious problems that are there and continue to persist (Get worse). Go away because somewhere else will give you the opportunity of living a better, more peaceful and secure life. I don’t blame those who do. Especially parents. If they leave for the sake of their children (talking about young families here… not that I am taking away anyone else’s right to leave away from them. Not that I have the right to do that anyway :P) one cannot …absolutely cannot argue with their reasons. And shouldn’t either. Anyway, so yea. Why have I maintained that? Because I sincerely do believe some of us (people who got a good education and belong to a more ….privileged class … not elite… privileged. Elite too … but then again I have a lot more to say about the majority of the elite) need to stay in this country and work for it. Compromise…sacrifice…and work towards making this nation a strong one. This country a progressive one. Use our skills to develop the resources of this country. Use ourselves to put Pakistan’s future in the right direction. For that obviously everyone must apply themselves according to their strengths. For example… a Doctor…. could perhaps go to areas where medical focus is required. Where people need attention and can’t get so because of a lack of knowledge or access to the right resources.

In my case I always felt something along the lines of managing things which would come under the umbrella of social responsibility. I don’t mean working in the CSR department of an organization. But as I suggested earlier… maybe something like starting a schooling system or program to help the poor kids get an education and helping them live their childhood instead of being fast forwarded from it.

However… getting back to the original point of this blog…. whatever that I have said above, the opportunity of being able to do that seems to be getting more distant. Like its on a road which has signs pointing in it’s direction… only now the signs instead of saying ‘Destination: 5 kms away’ is now saying ‘You know it could be there… it was there when we last checked… but it’s not coming anytime soon… or late… or well … you know.. keep driving ..we will see if it’s there or not eventually’ (i know that would be one long road sign … but that’s the best way I could think of putting it. So sue me :p).

I guess … it will come down to the choices I make for my life. What sacrifices I am willing to make and which ones I am not. I just have to keep treading on for now.



  1. you capture the thoughts of your generation (especially those who are caght in this huge dilemma of moral responsibility or escape). I emphatize

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