Inception : A movie with the idea of an eternal escape from reality

I saw Christopher Nolan’s Inception today starring Leonardo Di Caprio. That’s Leo’s second brilliance of the year. The first one being shutter island. Loved both movies for the way they have been created/directed/acted. Cheers to Leo and the directors. I especially loved the part about both movies where the end was left to the viewer’s own interpretation of what was reality and what was not.

Anyways, having said that – Inception was all about dreams. The idea of entering a person’s sub-conscience and doing all that they do was a work of art. And also for some I would imagine an escape. Creating your perfect world and spending an eternity there. There are two dialogues in the movie which really hit you:  

"Once an idea has taken hold of the brain it’s almost impossible to eradicate. An idea that is fully formed – fully understood – that sticks; right in there somewhere"


Eames: Do they come here to sleep?
Thin Man: [Looking at Cobb] No, They come here to be woken up. Dream has become their reality! Who are you to say, otherwise?

But to each his own. I am sure some people would have been in awe with the whole bending the city bit by Adrianne (The actress from Juno).

Anyways, the point is that with this movie… what I see was the concept of creating a different world for yourself in your dreams … a perfect world. It is an escape from reality … to what you want the most. Who you want the most. Where you want to be the most. An escape from reality to all that. Your perfection.

Interestingly some people like to believe that even reality in itself is a dream. Something temporary. That we are in fact sleeping till woken up at the final and ultimate end. Which is what we …well most of us…. struggle for throughout our lives in the first place. The end being heaven or utopia where all things shall be perfect. 

Now perfection can differ for each individual, not just in the factors that make it up but also the channel and the actual walk of life. For some it is love. Finding their perfect companion. Their soul-mate. For some the passion which drives them to work and to build up a career in a certain field. For some it is the art which seduces them throughout their lives, like music, painting etc. To each his own.

That particular journey… of life… to attain the perfect end is of course to say the very least fraught with heart-aches, troubles, hassles, problems, hardships, deceiving temptations and what not. I am not trying to say that life is all about the above mentioned things. Of course there are a lot of happy memories in one’s life which cannot be denied at any cost. Having said that if you think about it… life is getting more and more complex. The world is getting more complicated. The mind is troubled with pressures which were not their for our forefathers. Not even close. So given all that … an escape doesn’t sound all that bad does it. And the idea of inception then becomes something to think about. Not that I am saying it is possible.

But escape to a perfect world for eternity. Hard not to think about.


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