Of Choices and what if’s

All of us come across moments in time in our lives that gives us two options. Many of us after having taken one option often wonder somewhere down the line ‘ What if I had taken the option’. We never really let go of the what if. Even in some cases where we are 100% happy with what we have, the choices we’ve made. We still don’t let go of the ‘what if’. It’s hard to do that really… especially for our minds, for our minds often tend to wander to places we think we are better off leaving alone. As long as its in our head, brain, memories, subconscious, we will always have our mind wander there one way or the other.

We like to imagine our lives based on the what ifs. We all do. It’s either what if I hadn’t done my BBA/MBA and had rather gone for a more emotionally involving line of work. What if I hadn’t left my first job. What if I had considered entrepreneurial venture over a corporate career. What if I had really pursued learning guitar playing completely. What if I hadn’t broken up with her. Questions will always remain in our head, either new ones or the old ones that will continue to haunt for some time to come. Most of them will always remain unanswered and will remain in our heads only till we want. If we learn how to let go, then they will go. The questions won’t haunt us anymore.

People mostly think about the what ifs only and only when the choices they’ve made invoke a sense of doubt in them about their life and how’s it has gone thus far. Weighing up the pros and cons of our past. Our successes, our failures. At times we keep regretting them when we are dead sure that the chosen path was wrong, and the one left behind was perfect.

Faith can come in handy for some here, at such a juncture. No regrets.. we learn from our mistakes… and move on. And of course have blind faith in the principle… ‘Allah has something better for me ahead.’ Complete and absolute blind faith. That doesn’t mean that we just sit on our asses and not do a thing as everything will be decided by fate. Free will, and your own effort obviously affects matters.

Humans are however emotional creatures. All of us. Not a single one who is emotion free… like zero emotion. Just that some are better at hiding it then others. We all have emotions. We will always think about the what ifs. If not old then new. If not important then the insignificant ones… like ‘what if i had worn the blue shirt instead of the white one’. Yea… even that.

We will continue to live in this wonderful webbing of thoughts that our mind creates for us. Through the questions of what if? The illusions of love, hatred, anger, fear and other emotions. The choices that present themselves in front of us. It will always be one thing after the another. Human minds work like that. What if we had complete control over our mind and knew how to use our cranium more then about 2%? Well .. there you go… another ‘what if’ :P!




  1. What ifs is what helps us shape our future, define our values, take action – it’s what makes us different from the rest of the animal kingdom…for those who can learn to wield, this is probably the best part of our human toolkit.

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