Of Soul Mates

All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players.

                                                                                     – Shakespeare

This is such a good one from Shakespeare. We are all merely players in this world. We all come and go with our time. Our exits and entrance already predefined. We merely get to choose the path. The two certainties of life … are already thrashed out. Life and death.

In this path we come along the various aspects of life. Study, play, personalities, the world we create for ourselves with what we like, the people, the family, the friends, the work, our careers etc etc. Many different things. These different things can be crucial to us for our ‘path’. All are just as important as the other one.

We, the players, must go through these various aspects trying to figure out the best path in each of those, the one that suits us the most. The most difficult one and crucial one I suppose would be the one where we connect with the other players. In the various forms of relationships that are there. Parents, siblings,friends, spouses, children, uncles, cousins, colleagues, bosses, in laws etc etc.

At this point in time… I would like to focus on the one in which we actively try to connect – our ‘soul mates’. Yes we strive to find that one person who is so perfect for us that upon meeting them everything would fall into place. Everything would make sense. You start thinking that it whatever happened in the past was destiny so that you come to this point in time in your life – to this person. Everything seems right. But of course it is destiny, it is fate that we end up with our ‘soul mates’ only. We can do whatever we want to make it happen for us. But it will happen when it is ‘destined’ to happen. Many times we will come across someone we think is the ‘one’. And we do everything to make it work. To hold on to that one person who you think is the perfect one. But he/she isn’t the one. And for most of what follows this is heartbreak, depression and a general bitterness towards love/relationships. Then there are those who keep actively looking for their soul mates. Who don’t want to give up the search even though they have encountered many false alarms. They still keep looking for the ‘one’. A good example would be Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother. He is the perfect idealistic romantic. In the process he was left at alter, was in a serious relationship with a girl who didn’t want to be fully committed towards marriage and kids etc. Then there were those whose room-mates seemed like the person he would actually have connected with so much more (YES YES .. that room mate as well all know is the eventual ‘one’).

I guess at the end of the day we all have a bit of Ted Mosby in us. We all want that companion, that someone we can share everything with and feel that everything is in place and that there is a sense of perfection to it, not perfect completely, but a sense of it nonetheless. 


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