Of the Universe and Life forms…

I can feel the night breeze. I can feel the glow of the moon, striking its white ray at us. Tiny specks in a huge, vast, infinite universe. More then anything else it is the night time which can make one realize the vastness of space, the universe and this world (as a whole- not just the earth… but life) that we live in.

I’ve often wondered what of the rest of the universe. What is out there? Is there more intelligent life form? Maybe we are not the only sentient beings. There has to be something more out there. Someone out there. Maybe more advanced then earth and humans. Maybe more primitive then the animals inhabiting this world. No one knows. No one has ever found out.

The problem here is that one cannot stop thinking about these sort of things. I for example keep wondering about the possibilities of the unexplored. The unchartered territory. If we are the only ones in this entire space and time – then logic seems to elude me as to why such microscopic beings would require such a huge and vastly existing … world. Our planet in itself being negligible in size as compared to the whole.

So lets say that yes.. there is other life form out there. Which is why this universe so big. Because there are other life forms, other sentient beings out there. If there are… are they also humans… ‘Ashraful Makhlukat’ as we are called. As what we were described before man was sent to earth. When you really want something the whole universe conspires to get it for you – line somewhat accurate from that wonderful book ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coehlo. Does this whole universe include the aura and karmic abilities oh other intellectual beings.

The Universe is very large and possibly infinite in volume; the observable matter is spread over a space at least 93 billion light years across.[14] For comparison, the diameter of a typical galaxy is only 30,000 light-years, and the typical distance between two neighboring galaxies is only 3 million light-years.[15] As an example, our Milky Way Galaxy is roughly 100,000 light years in diameter,[16] and our nearest sister galaxy, the Andromeda Galaxy, is located roughly 2.5 million light years away.[17] There are probably more than 100 billion (1011) galaxies in the observable universe.[18] Typical galaxies range from dwarfs with as few as ten million[19] (107) stars up to giants with one trillion[20] (1012) stars, all orbiting the galaxy’s center of mass. Thus, a very rough estimate from these numbers would suggest there are around one sextillion (1021) stars in the observable universe; though a 2003 study by Australian National University astronomers resulted in a figure of 70 sextillion (7 x 1022)[21].

                                                 – Wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universe

Now taking all this into consideration and the logical conclusions our brains can work out for themselves… I have to say that I strongly feel there should be more life form out there. Would that life form be an advanced one? Would it be a destructive race. What would there worlds be like? What would their physical appearance be like. Would they be humanoid? So many questions – such a vast imagination for an equally vast subject.


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