What of Pakistan?

It is a question that has crossed my mind many times consciously and unconsciously. It is of course of grave concern that this question arises and I am sure and know that I am not the only one with this question. The way things are going … even more and more so in mirky waters where people just don’t know what’s being done exactly? What is happening to fix the real, big problems of this country? Why do we continue to put up with our nation’s running of affairs being made a mockery of?

For example two things (And I know I’ll probably get a lot of flack from a lot of quarters for saying this- but I remember that somewhere somehow , someone had the audacity to say that everyone is entitled to their opinion and freedom of speech) – First of all the changing of name of the N.W.F.P to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. As the driver of a relative- the driver belonging to the same region – said very aptly; the changing of the name will not make any difference whatsoever to what the real issues of the people of those regions are. Lack of infrastructure, constant threat of clashes and militant attacks or being victims in the attempt to neutralize the terrorists/militants. What have we “meaningfully achieved” by changing the name as we have after long debates and meetings and negotiations. Will it end the war? No. Will it provide people with jobs? Will it create job opportunities in the market? Will it improve the over all economic condition of this country? No. Will it help solve the power crises which continues to loom on our heads as something in which we are all heading to disaster. I mean 14 – 16 hours a day is not a joke, especially considering the climate that we live in, how it hurts our industrial output in an already ailing economy.

No, none of the above mentioned matters. We are apparently a nation which thrives on Masalized news. Tabloid. It is so obvious when the country’s biggest news channel shows the headlines with A) Music being added to each headline to make it more … “viewer friendly”. B) Our news channel is more interested in what is happening with Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza and their wedding rather then other things happening in this country which are much bigger and much more significant.

Is it not important for people that the sitting president is on the list of the people who were granted ‘immunity’ on their cases thanks to the NRO – which was scrapped by the Supreme Court. Or that even after it was scrapped the ‘politicians’ who were on that list are not being taken action against. That the wife of our Prime Minister is having her loans written off by the National Bank of Pakistan. And that too not a small amount. These things are significant – and if proper action is taken then they will help the people of Pakistan and perhaps start freeing up the countless resources (financial, human and other) which have been tied down because of the history of corruption that exists in this country.

I haven’t even started on how ‘secular’ a nation we are. How patient we are. How tolerant we are. How messed up we are. I would rather not go there because I think people would easily find something far better written on that subject by Mr. Nadeem Paracha in dawn’s Images on sundays.

Coming to the lighter aspects of this nation – sports – which are supposed to be a nation’s pride and a source of inspiration and glory in this world. Something that did do us proud last year when we needed it the most. We won the T20 2009 world cup at a time when the entire country was buried deep in turmoil in terms of the raging war between the Taliban and our army, the string of terrorist attacks (including the one on the Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore) and lots more. We were as a nation completely demoralized. And just then- cricket provided just a flicker of brightness. Something hopeful. Something to cheer about.

A year later- the PCB , specifically Mr. Ijaz Butt, has managed to make a mockery out of cricket far beyond anything one would have imagined. A disastrous tour to Australia which was a complete whitewash. We didn’t win a single match. Lost all tests, ODIs and T20s. Following that was the ‘infighting’ reports. And following which of course was PCB’s cull. Without explanation, without transparent evidence, the banning of senior players, fines and overall team shake up is of course something I consider to be a mockery when the administrative body itself is in bad need of a shake up and massive structural overhaul. Ijaz Butt must go. So must the current system. It is not a progressive system even if we do somehow through some miracle manage to retain our T20 crown.

Problems … on all ends. Political, economical, progress, development, security, sports, administrative. Where does it all start to change? Does it ever change? People have become despondent to that. They have become pessimistic. Things for them simply can never be fixed in this country. It is a country of jageers and vaderas and so it shall be. Apparently in a ‘democratic’ country the parties can contest in ‘democratic’ elections but cannot practice ‘democracy’ within their own parties. Why? Because they are family properties. They are jageers. Simple as that.   

Two cents to anyone on where we are headed?


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