Another Page for the Book of S

The human mind is a strange thing. It is capable of remarkable acts of genius and at the same time astonishing acts of unreasonable overbearing thought processes. It cultivates the idea of information overload in terms of continuous thinking of what is going to happen and how it is going to happen and what will happen after it happens etc etc. So on and so forth. There might be a little bit of the heart involved in this as well. For as over active your heart is makes it overflow to the brain and hence affect the mind and the thoughts which go into overdrive.

One stops letting go of certain stuff or stop thinking about it when we are not required to think about it and actually give it some time off (the mind/brain I mean). While at times like I said the heart has a rather large and influential hand to play in this – so does your capabilities to rationalize all that you expect of yourself or is externally expected of you. We let that get to us and start building up pressure akin to boiling pot. Not good.

In this way people do not ever get out of their … let’s say work cycle ever for example. It’s work 9-5 and then further work clouding your mind from anything else even after 5 till you fall asleep. Even more so … the worse case possible is that you start dreaming about work as well. That is when it really starts to get tricky. That is when you are not really handling the balancing act very well and the pressure is really being let to build up. So much so that it even enters your sub conscience. Thus entering our dreams. Which some of us mind you are used to being non-sensible, insignificant and meaningless images etc.

The most successful of people of course are those who manage to strike that balance. Work when at work. And relax/chill when not at work. Or you know not at whatever it is that takes up so much of one’s mind time.

Not very easy either. In today’s world of an ever growing population and an ever growing competition in terms of the job market and holding down the current job – it’s a very very tough proposition. The economic conditions are a factor. So is the general outlook of the country and the people living in this country. Pessimism is the rule of the day. And one can’t really blame them for being pessimistic. Obviously it affects one if the country they are living in is at a worst possible state and … there is that gloomy and looming feeling of disaster that “No no… this wasn’t the worst. The worst is still yet to come.”

All these things add to the lack of being able to strike a balance between things. With the way things are going people are of course becoming cut throat in the work environment especially those involved in sales, bringing in numbers, targets etc.

Aah and then there is also the changing trend/culture(or sub-culture) of sorts. The part where I feel that the world has gone mad really. The other most important phase of life which lasts almost the entire lifetime. Marriage. Work and marriage of course being the two most important and longest phases of life for anyone. And with people getting married when they are 25 –26ish …it’s starting to get a little annoying, tad bit upsetting and of course .. the most beautiful one of all – sending the mind into that wonderful thought process of it that it has started to feed on. Fantastic isn’t it. 


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