To err is but human

Humans love to plan. They plan their days, minutes, parties, birthdays, careers, outings and future for oh I don’t know the next 5 – 10 years. Humans also like to think they are extremely smart. However they tend to forget the fact in both these cases that they are after all only human and to err is but human. We cannot know what is coming at the very next moment. We certainly cannot know what will happen in the next 5 – 10 years. And humans are merely .. microscopic – tiny – bits – in this vast vast vast universe, which of course has no limits or boundaries understandable to the limited capabilities of our minds – hence .. human.

Planning about our lives is good. But most often we forget – subconsciously I would say – for the absolute and final chapter for life; death. We forget because we cease to realize or understand the aspect of after life. Some of us do understand this aspect – but generally I would say most of us are caught up in the present world and its matters so much , we are engrossed in it so much that there is little or no room for that thought to enter our minds, even for a minute.

Those who do think about it, try to make their roads/path in this world in accordance with that thought. They perform or rather display extraordinary measures of being human.

They understand the inevitable will of Allah. So they pray to Him and do for his creations as guided to us in Islam and other religions of Holy Books – humanitarianism. ‘Haqooq ul Ibad’.

Most of us don’t completely understand the intensity of the above mentioned. Those of us just carry on like there’s an infinity of time on our hands. And in this way we carry on our journey of life on earth. Without giving a second’s thought to the life after death.

But then again … to err is only human. And human we shall all remain. Who understands this in what capacity is down to each individual him/herself. 


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