200 – The Barrier Broken

It has finally happened. After 2000 + ODIs in history, the double century by a batsmen has finally been scored. The 200 barrier has finally been broken. And it was none other then Sachin Tendulkar. After all if not him who else would have been more befitting this magnificent feat.

At age 36 and 20 years of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar –The little master- has set a record today that is truly a testament to his amazing career. A career which has seen him amass the most runs in ODIs (17000 plus) at an average of 45 and the most runs in test (13000 plus) at an average of 55. A career which has seen him as one of the ideal athletes of the game, a true icon, both on and off the field. The fact that he can still bat out 50 overs, play off the opposition with a degree of ease and flair, and break a barrier in the ODI format truly is a testament to his career, his fitness and his absolute class. And mind you.. the record wasn’t set against a minnow team… but rather the exceedingly efficient and brilliant proteas.



India won as well in the match after the target was set for 402. That wasn’t enough to seal the deal of course. As we can all remember that memorable match from a couple of years ago, where Australia scored 434 against the proteas, and then lost the game. And just as that record breaking match was befitting the fact that it had two of the best teams of cricket, similarly Sachin being the one to score the first double century in ODIs is just as befitting. And perhaps deserving as well.

As Sanjay Manjeraker put it – he has a lot of hundreds to his name, he has the most runs to his name. He doesn’t have the fastest fifty, the fastest hundred, a triple century in tests. But in both formats he has the most runs. He is by far the most prolific batsmen statistically. But this – this record .. is something that he would really cherish the most. It is as I keep saying a testament to Sachin’s career, fitness and absolute class.

Just as the record breaking match between Australia and South Africa was the first one to be followed by a trend of really high scoring matches, similarly this too will eventually be followed by others making double centuries in ODIs. However… this will always be special. It wasn’t a fluke. It wasn’t a one time stroke of class after which the player fades. It is a history created by history itself (one can take it in that sense).

I am very happy for Sachin Tendulkar, for this incredible achievement of his. He is one of the very few athletes that I actually deeply admire. Not only for his unquestionable talent and class as a batsmen but also for his charisma and personality profile on and off the pitch.

Good day for cricket. 🙂


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