My Father

Brig. (Rtd.) Mateen Mahmood Mohajir

Born: 4th Jan 1945

Died: 9th Jan 2010

My father was a great man. The number of people, who have called, visited or met me at the namaz-e-janaza and the burial, have all said the same thing, “Your Dad was a great man”. He was a soldier in the Pakistan Army for 32 grand years and I think he remained a soldier till his last breath. A man of the 7th War Course – “Laraka”, of the First SP – “Men of Honor”, of the ‘PIFFERS’.  He never stopped loving his country. He never stopped believing in Pakistan. He always remained steadfast on his principles and there was nary a scratch on his moral compass, it was clean whistle and noble to the core.

 Abbi and myself

He was a loving husband, father, grandfather, brother and son. He got all 3 of us to our own feet. I am extremely thankful to Allah that he saw me, his youngest son also completing the MBA and entering the stream of professional life on my way to Inshallah becoming settled. He always cared. He always loved. He always was Abbi.

I feel comforted by the fact that (at least I think) Abbi led a complete and full life. He enjoyed it, fulfilled all his obligations to his family, stayed true to his code, his country, his faith and his beliefs. He touched people’s lives in different ways. He commanded respect of his peers, seniors and juniors alike. He had the noble quality of purity, honesty and being just.

I will always remember the way he used to find happiness in the simplest of things. He loved reading comic strips in the daily paper. He loved listening to his collection of music every morning with his morning tea and toast. His day would start with Tilawat. He loved visiting friends and family. Always up for a visit plan on weekends mostly or since he retired even perhaps on weekdays. He enjoyed his munchies as well, like salted peanuts, chocolates, fox’s sweets. Always seeking more information, sending all of us handy emails in his special fonts and colors. I’ll always remember how he enjoyed his Big Macs and would never say no to one. And of course his ice cream and how he loved, in his own words, ‘dolops’ of it! And he dotted on Daniyal, his grandson. Of the numerous trips we’ve taken while Abbi was in the army, with KY and Filza aunty and family, with my own uncles and aunts, with various other Army Friends to various places. We used to (some time back… well quite some time back… i think somewhere in between 88 to 90)  go in the Waggoner for these road trips and I remember I got upset with Abbi (in my childhood drama) when we sold the Waggoner to KY uncle. I’ll always cherish all these memories of you Abbi, they will always remain with me. 

He will no longer be with us physically, but he shall always remain a core part of our memories, of our souls and spirits. He will continue to live through us…

I am also thankful to Almighty Allah for granting my father a death which was hand in hand with his undeterred faith in Allah, his religious beliefs, and human and moral fiber.

I am proud to be Mateen Mahmood Mohajir’s son, and I did and will always love my father.

May Allah make his next abode to be peaceful and heavenly. Ameen.




  1. May Allah grant him peace and jannat in the after life. And i remember how he always used to call me Doctor Saab when i would come over. The last thing i remember of him is reading my t-shirt which read “i wear this shirt when im a grouch” and laughing about it.

  2. I just met him on uncle maqbools daughters mehndi , when he just said to me : Beta ap aur shiraz ik dosrey ko kub sey jantey ho and i explained him …. really have deep respects for him and always will be , may Allah rest his soul in utter peace AMEEN !

  3. Sammy,

    My name is Asgar Mitha. In 1962 I used to live two houses down from your dad’s in Nazimabad no 1 (or was it 2?). I knew Mateen before he joined the army. Then we separated but I remember Mateen very fondly. We were great pals. we used to go on walks, movies and chat for hours and hours on the nullah bridge near our house. Your chacha, if I’m not mistaken, was Javed, correct? If he is around, could you ask him if he rembers me?

    I never met your dad after he joined the army. In 1968 I went away to US for studies and since 1980 I’ve been in Canada. My deepest and heartfelt condolences to you, your mother and rest of your family and I join in offering my belated prayers for the departed soul. May Allah grant Mateen a place in heaven.

    Kindly reply to me.

  4. Hi Mr. Mitha,

    Thank you for your kind words. My father did always remember his days from before the army. Allah was kind to him, as I am comforted in the fact that he led a full life, more so in the manner in which Allah graced his death more then anything else. That comforts me the most.

    I am sorry that you did not know before but my taya, Javed, passed away in 2002.

    I hope all is well at your end. I’ll pass on your well wishes to our family and my Phupos and younger Chacha, Moin.

    Best Regards,

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