Sweet Love of Mine

I am writing this as I listen to ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ after what seems to be ages, hence the title since I couldn’t think of anything better. Being involved in mehndis takes my music preferences to a different world altogether for that period of time. But anyways.

I love mehndis. I really do. Love all that it has to offer! The music, the atmosphere, the competition, the dances. And of course .. being in that zone.

Love is an eternally strange thing. It’s the most fantastic and amazing thing for those who can make it work. And the feeling inside of you … its … just …awesome. I know people who know me are probably thinking ‘Oh lord he actually just wrote this’.

Over the years … people have come to know me as a person who is really governed more by his heart then his head in certain situations. And I’ve often found myself … well you know … being smitten or falling for someone. And I’ve often thought I shouldn’t. But you know what … I can’t help it. That’s the sort of guy I am. I like people. I can’t change who I am at the core. And that’s who I am at the core. The sort of guy who falls in love. Doesn’t matter what happens after that – as in … in a good way and not a sleazy way I mean.

For when I feel that smitten feeling…. i feel songs again. I feel my writing again. More like myself rather then an alter ego from the I don’t know , corporate world.

Its a nice exciting feeling. Its energizing. Its a humane side to life in a really really fast world. ws_Sweet_Love_1152x864

I am probably feeling all of this and saying all of this right now because I am really in that zone given that my best friend just got married over the weekend, and it was just a great feeling throughout. And perhaps because  of other reasons as well. But honestly .. it sticks none the less.

Life is short … it is. And you already have so much to do in terms of education, working, making something of yourself. It is absolutely necessary for you to keep this feeling in your heart always. You sing, you dance, you jump, you hop, you skip a beat, you feel nothing else but that sense of being pulled by a gravitational force towards one’s love interest. In a sense, it liberates you of sorts. You don’t care about negative vibes or thoughts. I know I don’t when I am like this.

And after all that’s said and done…. I wouldn’t give up this part of me for the world. I would always want to know that yes… I am guy who can fall in love… when he meets special people. And won’t have any attitude issues towards admitting it. I love it … sweet love of mine. ( talking to myself only … not pointed towards anyone .. so people who know me can stop their conspiracy theories right here! :P)


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