For Pakistan

It is our blood, our people who are being sacrificed. We who give our lives defending this country. This world. We still defend it. We have died defending it. We will not submit to your chaotic whims and moronic notions on what life is.

We will fight. We might die. We might not win. We might not achieve victory. But we will ensure that hope survives. We will ensure that the future will stand up against tyranny. Against barbaric violence. Against extremist fundamentals.

We will continue to endeavor against all actions which are an attack on our freedom, our rights to our sovereignty. To fight for our basic rights. For the basic human rights of liberty and individuality. Against the tarnishing of our code of life. Against the tarnishing of the reputation of our culture and our beliefs.

We will not submit to your cowardice. To your uncouthly attacks on innocent lives. Innocent children. We support our brave soldiers fighting you in the north. Fighting you in Waziristan. We salute the people who have been displaced, whose lives have been disrupted. We salute the brothers,sisters,fathers,mothers,sons & daughters who have been slain in your brutal hate – unjustified , irrational, non-principled agenda that you carry under your banner of ‘Taleban’.

We will not falter in letting all those who stand in the way of our progress and our prosperity know that we as a nation are uniting against you. Those who are not looking at the betterment of Pakistan, those who are not working for the greater good of this country, this nation, it’s people – are also considered our enemies. We will take all of you on to war. We will take you head on in this war. 

Not all of us would fight with weapons. Our soldiers fight you with our weapons. We will fight you by continuing to ensure our freedom. We will stand up to you. We will not wilt. We will not hide. We will not succumb. We will stand up. We will write, we will speak, we will shout, we will walk, we will move, we will grasp our hands together and stop you. image

We will show you who we are: We Are Pakistan. We are free. Our forefathers fought for our identity 62 years ago. We will do the same now if it comes to it. We will again forge our identities as under one banner of Pakistan.


One comment

  1. Pakistan is in great need of unity right now. More then ever before in the history of this nation. Even more then it’s creation. This is to ensure the survival of our nation. We must bond as one. We must be pakistanis instead of pathans,punjabis, sindhis and balochis. We must be pakistanis before thinking of ourselves especially those in the public service. It is our hour of need and great sacrifice.

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