The Alienation of Us Humans

“ In sociology and critical social theory, alienation refers to an individual’s estrangement from traditional community and others in general. It is considered by many that the atomism of modern society means that individuals have shallower relations with other people than they would normally. This, it is argued, leads to difficulties in understanding and adapting to each other’s uniqueness (see normlessness) “

                        – Wikipedia,


We have become so caught up in our lives, the materialistic part of our lives especially, that we are missing it altogether. The essence of life is life itself. And we are just speeding by it like a ferrari on a motorway. I know, not the best of metaphors, but I am sure you will live. Anyway.. back to the post.


We worry about careers, about money, about saving money, about the kind of cars we drive, about ‘staying connected online all the time’. But that’s the thing …even though we have come up with so many ways to stay connected with each other….we still don’t. We proudly put forward the banner of developing ways to bring family and friends who are geographically far apart closer together, but yet ..we don’t really practice it in kind that much. Facebook, Skype, Blackberry, other smartphones, other social networks, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Email etc etc. (the latter ones being a little old on this modern list)

We are still so busy and caught up with ourselves only. Constantly worrying, constantly scheming, constantly materializing plans and big ticket business items or career growth paths. By doing all this we so easily alienate ourselves from the human side, the emotional and compassionate side. Even if we are not materialistic, or money minded, we are still so caught up in our self made complications that we would rather slip into isolation then anything else. What is left in the end is just man…. not human. A flesh and blood robot.

See while we will still be creatures who have feelings, soon these feelings will become benign. And its not just feelings linked to relationships, its the entire possible universe I am talking about.

Plus there are so many of those ‘I love you’s’ around out there that the three words have actually lost value. Its become something akin to the side side cheek kiss done in fictional movies by models who are just being sociable by doing so. I mean they don’t even actually kiss on the cheek… they just go to one side and take out the sound and then the other side and the sound again!

What is supposed to be one of those foremost genuine feelings from the heart has been turned into redundant social norm …. its outrageous, but a fact of what is / has happened.

We have alienated ourselves from being humans and just gone into the routine of being men. We move or try to move at such a fast pace… that we just get lost. In mind and spirit.

We are emotional beings at the end of the day and if we don’t get enough emotional fodder let alone the really vital ones: compassion, affection, companionship, and the all important of being human; we will continue to reduce interactions and supposed emotional exchanges to something which has no meaning whatsoever. Just cheap change changing hands.


*NOTE : If you didn’t get the point of this blog…. welcome to the club… I didn’t either…. is it a sign of alienating ourselves :P? Think about it. Nothing says it more then something which so obviously says it being completely off our radar of understanding.


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