It often happens in our lives that we rush into things completely blinded by false images of a magnificent future without even looking deeply into what we are doing. And it often turns out to be something that we definitely should have had a better look at. We make the decision because we are desperate to escape this one thing so much, that we completely overlook checking whether the next thing is something which will make us want to escape as much as well….

I think I’ve often treaded that path, not with one particular aspect of my life but … well a collective few. And as I said…. it was often without the necessary due diligence. I’ve paid the price as many times. Maybe not in obvious terms …. but I know I have. In one way or the other.

The biggest problem in all of this is that we think about our future and we paint ourselves a perfect little world. And we get absorbed so much in that idea of our future that we never really get out of it. Whether its relationships, your work / career or life in general…we just get stuck to that idea of ours… our little painting of our perfect little worlds… cozily nested up in our minds. And all the while ensuring that reality is never really given an honest chance from us. We get easily frustrated, tired, mentally exhausted… all because …well … various reasons for various things in question. As a result of which we make a decision at the first exit point that we see…. and purely just because its an exit point with Glowing lights and flashy signs… with a couple of I don’t know … tempting posters or something. What we don’t really see is where this exit is leading us. Because of we did ….if we properly looked at it …we would know .. its someplace that you’d rather not be. Not because its bad…. but because …it doesn’t suit you even more.

I am at one of these points right now as well. And I feel more frustrated, pressured…. and …overall … don’t even know how to put it.

Point of this entire stupid rant: DO NOT EVER RUSH INTO THINGS!….. like seriously. This is true experience talking. Don’t rush into relationships. Don’t rush into feelings. Don’t rush into vacation plans. Don’t rush into hasty decisions purely because well you have to make it immediately. Your gut feeling is a good thing to go by .. but not all the time.



  1. If we’re nt supposed to follow tht gut feeling every time we cum across an uncertain path in life..then wht shud we follow? coz this mind of ours often deceives us and pushes us into the wrong directions…wudn’t it be better to just take up sumthing, and probably feel bettr even if it’s not tht perfect or unsuited, rather than nt taking up anything at all, and living it as plain and simple without any gambling at all? life is afterall eithr a make or a break thing…

  2. going with your gut is a good thing. but at times and in certain things … its important to combine that gut instinct of yours with some rational investigation. especially because life is a make or break thing as you put it 😛

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