Rise Pakistan….

We fight in the north with a self construed virus. Every day the number of IDP’s grow. There are millions of people whose life is torn apart. From whom everything has been taken away. And yet…. they still have nowhere to turn. The relief camps have been set up. The army is fighting and pushing hard. But its still not enough to win a war which goes far beyond the defeat of the Taaliban ( God knows when that will happen). People are dying of hunger, disease and other dangers. I saw on DAWN News today of one camp where there is a severe lack of security arrangements. Intruders are coming in at whim, threatening IDPs and creating more panic. The Police recovered some mines from one of the camps. Things are very bad. Zardari isn’t lying (One of the rare occasions) when he says that the current amount of aid pledges made to win this war are hardly enough. They aren’t. With all this current plight of the people of the north, what is the most startling to see… is the absence of a united nation.

I fail to see what the entire nation is doing to help their brethren. There is a lack of urgency as was there at the time of the 2005 Earthquake. There is not enough urgency in the relief efforts or the mobilization to get everyone behind a motivated front to help, to contribute. Maybe its a different economic setting. But that is hardly reason enough. This is a very crucial time in the country’s history. We are fighting a virus which might very well have been allowed to spread too much and question the existence and survival of Pakistan. This is a grave situation and hardly anyone seems to realize it. Hardly anyone seems to bother. And what’s more is that this WILL affect the entire nation more then that earthquake ( NOT trying to put down one tragedy for another). pashtunpost_news_398845345

It is shocking. It is sad. And it is fact. We are not as mobile. We are not as united. We are not getting behind what is a necessity to be done now. We are simply not doing our share to help.

IF there was ever a time in the modern history of Pakistan to rise, this is it. It is significant that we rise. We rise to our capabilities and do our bits to help. To help fight this war far beyond the defeat of the Taliban. The war will certainly not end there. The IDPs will have to rehabilitated. Their homes rebuilt. Their lives rekindled. And this nation, the people of this land, we must unite now and we must rise. We have to stand up for this nation, for it’s survival, for our identities to be forged in the manner and expectation of the ideals upon which Pakistan was made. On the backs of the sacrifices that have been made in the past and are still made by a rare few.

My appeal is simple – merely sending out messages or writing stuff like I’ve is not enough. I am not hoping to start a revolution of writing on the web with this. (I am not a hypocrite… I know when I am part of the bad lot). I am hoping that maybe I too will be able to do something much more then this tomorrow but along with that most of you who read this will also do so. Shazia Marri announced that 150 Trucks will be going to the aid of the north. How can we help? How can we donate? Where do we donate? Where to do we chip in with the manpower to make sure that all of the donations that do come in can go as soon as possible?

I pray to Allah to help the people of Swat and other affected areas in their time of need. May Allah keep us all in his blessed protection.  pakistan 1.img_assist_custom


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