Pakistan is going through a very fragile state right now. We are showing all the signs of a nation which imploding from the inside. The very fabric of our existence is a very loose thread. Yes…. I am saying it that pessimistically. What else can I do? Sing glorious and praiseful songs of our nation? At a time when the political environment (no surprises here) is yet again in turmoil. Just a year after the ‘Great victory of democracy’. At a time when there are cancerous problems in the northern parts of our country. At a time when our security capabilities were literally made a mockery of (the Sri Lankan Cricketers attack).

So tell me, what else would I be right now if not pessimistic. Its a lot better then being a hypocrite. And we have plenty of those in our fine land as well. People who would shout all sorts of things against Musharraf and his rule, are now said to have been wishing him back. Wishing his time back. You wanted democracy? Well you’ve got it… so now suck it.

The attack in Lahore was nothing short of shameful on part of our security arrangements. Arrangements for which we gave so many assurances in words that it looks like then and now was a different entity altogether. And it is absolutely ridiculous to then try and come out and defend or deny anything. Accepting and acting upon it would be better advised.

However the damage has already been done. I think almost everyone can be certain that the motives behind this attacks weren’t directly linked to the Sri Lankans, hence ruling out one of the suspects being named by our all so competent agencies, i.e. the Tamil Tigers. For other reasons as well, it couldn’t possibly have been the Tigers. Given their current position in SL, I honestly feel (And i might very well be naive here) they don’t have the resources or the ‘”assets” to be operating in such attacks on foreign soil. Not right now.

The motives behind this attack were clearly to isolate Pakistan. It was clearly to put a huge question mark on the security situation of the country. It was clearly to leave us out in the cold. Or to hand us over to the devil. Wrapped and ready.

Unless there is a strong united front in Pakistan in terms of the leadership and the running of this state, the hope and future of this country are very much in danger. Our ability to exist as a sovereign state is very much in a limbo down the years. If the situation doesn’t improve, this entire country would be a cynic.

Someone I know was presenting a theory. If the situation indeed doesn’t improve. If it further worsens in the sense that there are more incidents of huge security lapses or attacks on high profile personalities or events etc, there is a good possibility that the UN might pass a resolution to declare Pakistan incapable of handling the situation. That it is a ‘failed’ state. That it can easily turn into a guerilla state. And since it has nuclear capabilities, it is therefore going to be unable to safeguard its own nuclear program. Which is why the UN must take over Pakistan’s nuclear program and have the IAEA watchdog present. Basically take away our nukes from our hands.

The overall morale of the country is also at an all time low, of this I am sure. The one thing that can universally provide the masses with some sort of distraction from the hustle and bustle of reality is sports. No matter which country, this almost always holds true.  And unfortunately for us, our sport with the largest following, cricket was also not safe from politics. Hasn’t been for years. The PCB’s systems and policies carry the stench of political manipulations. And now not only that this has affected our teams performance and quality. But now also our credibility as a country which can host international cricket. After this attack on the one team that agreed to tour Pakistan, we will unfortunately not be seeing international cricket in our country for the foreseeable future. We will not be part of the hosting nations of the next World Cup. The masses are deprived of sanity to which they have as much of a right as they do on breathing air. Especially in these times. Cricket_Top

It is sad what is happening in our country and it is even more sad as to what is not being DONE in our country. 


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