The Architects of Our Own Demise…

We saw the things to come, in their true shape, in their true colors. Yet we did nothing to prepare for it. We just stood. At the same point as we always did. We were too proud to actually change. In our minds there was nothing else to be done. We were the top of the food chain. We were not a ‘spent force’, we were the kings and the king makers.


We were engrossed in our own spent thrift lives. In our obsessions with power. We were so wrapped up in ourselves that we didn’t see how the entire system, the entire order that we were so damn proud of was just waiting to burst from inside. And burst with such a degree that even if we wanted to cry beyond our pride we would not be able to because of the intensity of the aftermath.

We were blind. Blinded by ‘fool’s gold’. Blinded by the roads and paths shown to us by the workers of hell. Greed, it was killing us from inside and were enjoying it like sick junkies.

Piece by piece of the reality we were living by was being destroyed. Destroyed by our own laid out plans. Unwittingly we were designing a master proof plan to put us all into a nose diving crash. A crash from which little would survive over the long run. From which those who do survive will never recover.

We hoped , we believed. Unfortunately as stupidly as those who believe rocks are the holders of their fate. Pathetic creatures. And we used to call ourselves the kings and king makers. We were the top of the food chain? That’s a questionable chain then.

Elites we were. Nothing could touch us. We breathed in a different level of air. We were beyond reach of misery , beyond the reach of the Heavens even!

How foolish we were. And how anarchic was everything associated with us because it was all bound for that nose diving crash. That step by step guide of self destruction. We orchestrated it , we designed it. Hell we were the architects of it. And now we have left behind a world in spiral in our wake.

Ode to us, the elite, the privileged. To us who could have steered the ship well, but rather were busy cutting off the lifeboats.   


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