The Northern War & Nawaz’s Rant

There are certain sections of our society which are oblivious to the fact that there is a war going on in the northern parts of Pakistan. That there is absolute chaos and disarray for the residents of the Swat Valley and others. That this is not just a ‘phase’ of militant and terrorist insurgency that we are experiencing. It is a cancer which is gripping our nation and we need to battle hard to fight it. That the pattern which the world saw almost 2 decades ago involving the Taliban is being repeated in the same form of brokering peace deals by giving in to the demands of the extreme militants. It happened in Afghanistan as well. The Taliban came and then there was ‘”peace” from all the fighting.

2008-8-18-16-33-53-26b7005d0f9c4fe88211ab7e643b7acd-7584d042d6214eb98e129e9422a50170-1-related-2-1We need to wake up to the reality that this is actually happening. The Taliban are actually winning in their purpose of escaping the writ of the Government and getting their own control and way in those areas. The situation might be so dire that it requires such measures, in order to stop the bloodshed. But what about the long term? What are we going to do to eliminate this cancer? We inherited this cancer from our policies of yesteryears and the war with the Soviets, but now how do we deal with it? Containing it is not an option because it doesn’t work and only turns out to be worse. We are the victims of trying to contain it. And let’s be clear. It is Pakistan on the front line of this war. Not anyone else. We are not carrying out any other country’s agenda when we talk about dealing with this situation. It is a threat to our existence and our survival as a sovereign nation, not anyone else’s.

However like I said earlier, some parts of our society are acting completely oblivious to the fact that we are in fact at war right now. Which is why they are hell bent on carrying out marches and launching attacks on the center of Pakistan. While I am not a fan of the government and the way things are being ‘handled’ in running this country smoothly, I do believe this is not the time to further any divides and further weaken the position of this country in the face of threats that currently exist and are practically knocking on our doors. Hell they are even some way past the door.

The lawyers are continuously leading me to believe that their agendas are highly questionable and that they are doing nothing other than playing out political card tricks. Nawaz’s declaration of supporting them in their march and sit in and then immediately after also launching an attack on the government and our president is somewhat proof of my opinion. Like I said, I am not a fan of the government either. But anyone who has the nation’s better interests in mind wouldn’t at this current point in time start up with political wars, the kind we saw in the 90s. And I am sure we all remember the 90s very well. The era of short lived governments. The era of consistent instability.


We don’t need this. Nawaz’s rant should have perhaps come when Zardari was being elected. Or should have come before that even. But not right now. Not when the situation in the NWFP gets more and more worse and dire. This rant was not instigated by any blind love for the nation. Rather it is because his ‘political’ career was seemingly being pushed down the drain and cut off.

This nation is consistently being made a mockery of by those we call our ‘leaders’ and still we haven’t wised up to them or their card tricks. We still haven’t realized on a whole that these so called leaders are akin to poker faced card players who live by the hand they have. It is the people who are paying for these ‘hands’. They are paying for it with their lives and their freedom. The Swat Valley was once the most beautiful place in Pakistan. Now, at least for the people living their, it is hell.


And what do we do? We condemn the acts of the Israelis in Gaza, we take out long march processions to get judges restored and we launch attacks on the federal government of Pakistan. 

‘Wake up and smell the coffee’. That’s what we need to do. If we don’t wake up even now and don’t realize the situation and boiler that we are in, then there is little chance for any bright future any time soon, or later either.


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