Of Heart & Mind….

 1064712704_b5630d4729 There are many points in time in your life when you are heading down a path that you’ve been on before. Maybe once, maybe twice or maybe a whole bunch of times. You’ve experienced that path before and know it’s pros and cons, ups and downs. Yet… something tends to draw it to you again and again. Even if it didn’t work out before, you are still always drawn to the notion of taking that path. And more often then not, you do end up taking it. If for nothing else, perhaps because its familiar to you and that keeps you clinging to it in hopes that this time it just might work out because you’ve learned how to tread the road in the past. You’ve learned of the ditches and the obstacles that are there.

What people don’t account for in such a case is that the more we learn how to tread , we only go further on that path and encounter further obstacles that we didn’t before since we were knocked out on the previous ones which we just managed to cross.

And at times, even though that obstacle is perfectly passable, we just tend to let it go because … well lets face it , the amount of times that option pursued and the amounts of time its not worked out , everyone and your own brain judges you and passes on their 2 cents. Now as we get older, we lose the patience to listen to everybody’s 2 cents. “Hey I am mid 30s you know… i know what I am doing”.

But that’s the thing. God gives us chances to rectify our mistakes. And maybe that’s such things keep coming back on our radar. Those things we’ve tried before but at some point in time during it we failed. They keep coming up on our minds, our thought processes because … we haven’t tried at it properly and fully. And if we don’t , maybe we are screwing up a perfectly good chance for ourselves.

So why not ? Why not go in there with your all that you’ve learned and really give it a shot?

We also tend to lose faith and confidence in ourselves, and in our ability to achieve what lies at the end of the road. Rejection, failure can only be taken constructively and optimistically for so long. We are after all humans and humans are after all emotional creatures. And this way we continue fighting our inner battles. Inside our head. The debates keep going on and on. They never stop. They last forever it seems.

In my case …. my heart goes one way and the brain goes the other, leaving the mind and soul in between to draw something from the difference. In the past I’ve always listened to my heart. Inevitably that decision has let me down. For me this is the path that keeps coming up on my radar again and again. So .. what to do now ? Do I take it as a sign that listening to my heart is the right thing to do and continue to follow that principle, or shun it aside and actually listen to the brain for once? Because with me you can be absolutely sure that the mind and the soul are just as indecisive as the next person; rather in this case ‘organ’.

In the book ‘The Alchemist’ , the writer portrays the philosophy that The heart is but made from the same hand which made this world and hence the soul of the world and the heart are one and the same and they eventually meet. While these weren’t the exact words, that’s the basic idea. He also says, that it takes time for one to understand their heart. To really know what it is saying. So perhaps I just haven’t reached a point in time in my life yet where I am actually communicating with my heart. Well not properly anyway.

So … again…. the question stays…. what to do? Listen to the heart as always, supported by the logic of the Alchemist, or listen to the brain supported by past experience? Don’t know… hope the choice is easier with the readers whenever they face something of this regard.  



  1. Well written!

    I am an occasional reader…usually end up reading the ones shiraz posts on FB and I find them pretty interesting.

    Keep up the good writing…all the best!

  2. sammy ol’ wiseguy…but ironically so unwise..
    i get what you are saying.everyone follows that path again and again. because they are destined to go that path and they know nothing else but that path. ive realised over the years that the more times i follow my mind over my heart, the more times i regret it. its a question of who spoke first. follow that. that is usually the right path. but then again dont forget that the mind is stronger (or wiser) than the heart. if it starts to intervene, its better to listen to the wiser one.

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