reincarnation 2

I recently had the following thought develop inside my head:

‘Dreams are nice to have … and it is dreams which eventually ensure some sort of reality in our lives even if that reality isn’t the dream itself. The realization of dreams is often manifested in the journey of trying to achieve it.’

See the thing is that we all have dreams. Some have more elaborate one then others. And some have way too complicated dreams. And yet still there are some whose dreams are extremely simple and quite basic. Dreams even if they don’t come true give people hope. It gives them a feeling that they are working towards something that will give them unmatchable joy in this cold and monstrous world that we live in. That there is still the brightness at the end of the tunnel so to speak.

Mostly this simple and basic fact is overlooked by people. They tend to forget that everybody including themselves has dreams. If they say ‘Oh we don’t believe in such ridiculous notions… and that dreams are just good for kids when they are young’, then you should know that they lost their dream somewhere along the way and have now forgotten about it from the conscious parts of their mind. But that dream still lingers in their sub-conscious. People who believe in miracles are dreamers. People who are idealists are dreamers. People who set themselves a goal which the general society would not attribute towards his stereotyped segment is a dreamer (In simple words someone whose dream is bigger then what people believe a person like him can achieve).

People tend to think that people who are dreamers, or idealists or miracles or any other non – humanly possible physical intervention based ideology are mostly delusional. People like to be ‘practical’ in life. Hence there is no place for dreams in the ‘practical’ world. There is no reality in dreams. There is no truth in them. Because they can’t see them. Because the general human populous has been conditioned to conform to the Generally Accepted Living Lifestyles (GALL). You were born into a system, a routine. And dammit you’ll die in one.

It is this which roots out certain problems of classification when it comes to what people want to do in their lives. Now because of the GALL, parents and well sometimes kids themselves would like to follow a path which will ensure the basics in life. But why does that have to be limited to certain walks of life. There are many things in this world, many talents in this world that are quite capable of earning your bread and butter. And most importantly, each of us has a special gift and ability inside us. Our dreams become the life source of these abilities. Our dreams in a sense show us the accomplishment of mastering what we all already have inside of us. Our special unique innate nature. What we are good at. What we were born to be good at. What makes us happy.

In our country, it would be highly questioned if someone who comes from a background having resources to get him into law, medicine or business studies wants to be a sports professional. Or an artist (music, painting, celebrity, acting etc). It’s just unheard of. “It’s the dreamer inside of you talking son. It doesn’t know about the real world. That’s not something that you can do. It’s not good enough.”

Sad. Well to me anyway. And I hope to other free thinking liberally open minds out there.

We shouldn’t stop dreaming. We should try our best to follow our dreams. So what if we don’t end up accomplishing our dreams. Maybe the journey which we under-take while trying to achieve that dream helps us realize another dream that we were unaware of. Or even the journey itself could be so enriching… that … well … you suddenly feel profound. You experience. You LIVE.

Be dreamers .. one and all. Live merry. And for goodness sake if you can’t dream at least don’t trample on those who do believe in this stuff.


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