In Pursuit of Silence

I think … 90% of the time in our lives …we are constantly hearing something inside our head. It’s either our thoughts … or voices. Or a deadly combination of both.  Now sadly for us , we are human beings. We are born with a complete emotional package in tow. And more over , that emotioal package mingles up a lot with those thoughts and those voices.

The end result is a constant need for questioning oneself. Their own ambitions. Their own thought processes. The decisions. The paths that they have taken in their life or the ones that they seek to embark on. The voices … get all corrupted from the external environment around us. And chemically react with the emotions in tow. Thus bringing into play the forbidden organ (As i like to call the heart). That’s when the real mess begins.

Your mind starts jabbering, with no end in sight. All sorts of things. It never keeps quite. It actually takes quite an effort to relax then. People who have reached a somewhat intellectual summit of their own lives, or rather their own potential, are constantly overwhelmed. They end up doing things like writing useless, meaningless stuff which can very easily get branded as their own form of philosophy. Write up after write up. Blog after blog. Thought after thought, penned down. Controversial, unnecessary gibberish.

Your rationality goes under. You start fearing for your sanity. And that’s when you end to seek an end  to those voices. That constant noise of thoughts in your head. You seek out vacations, get aways, holidays etc. But doesn’t really help. Something or someone happens on these things which starts putting your mind in motion once again. And that someone isn’t necessarily a love story… it could even be an enlightened encounter with another person who has reached the summit of his intellectual potential.  It could be a highly moving symbolic image.

I recently read a book .. in which the idea of a ‘Personal Legend’ was mentioned. The book was ‘The Alchemist’ written by Paulo Coehlo. Very well written book. Very captivating and engaging. However … I digress.

The idea of one’s personal legend. And that when someone is on hir or her journey of finding their personal leged, the entire universe conspires to help you find it…. is very plausible. But I believe we all must undertake another journey before we achieve a situation where we can undertake that one. For us to be completely in tow with our soul to undertake a journey of finding our personal legend.

For us to be completely in the zone and in sync to achieve that situation we need to have a mind which we are in control of . We must be in control of the voices… the thoughts. The noise of the thoughts. The constant clinging and clanging of thought waves inside our heads. We must in fact pursue silence. For in silence we have clarity. Clarity and focus.

Some people already are in the pursuit of silence. People who go away… not living anywhere and but going everywhere. Trying to achieve harmony within their ownselves. Meditation. A rendevouz with nature.

And that is how you get on the path to your Personal legend journey. In pursuit of your personal legend you are in pursuit of silence before.


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