The Great Abandon of Sanity….

Silence fills parts of my head. Usually the parts that I rely on keeping from going insane. It’s a sad and difficult day ahead the day that the voice of sanity is muted. And all other voices create a bottle neck of clutter. Mostly this state for me comes to existance when the sane, and intellectually tantalizing parts of my brain are abandoned. (I might not be reffering directly to the actual part of my brain over here and hence replaced it with ‘intellectually tantalizing’ ). Now by abandon I mean….. abandon. That is not to say that the rest of my brain has thrown it out or created a boundary between that part and itself. In fact what I mean to say is that the necessary food for that part of the brain is currently missing from my social diet.

In fact …. more then missing … I think the preferrence and demand of the part in question has changed. Developed as it has matured/grown/come to a different stage in life. (I love rambling on… at times. It can be fun… everyone should try it).

I’ve been thinking…. what if while on this journey of ours called life….. we are supposed to face certain periods in it where … we are feeling at an abandon. Again not literally in the sense that … I am physically abandoned. But rather …. intellectually. Socially one could say. But that’s perhaps part of the transition. Maybe the transition phase is ongoing and therefore doesn’t in this time period allow for a suitable consumption of social food. Maybe it’s supposed to happen a second wind for us to realize who we are… and what it is that we really want. To qoute ‘The Alchemist’ … determine and find ‘Personal Legend’. I read it only recently. And well .. who knows … maybe this personal legend thing does exist. And that ‘the whole universe conspire to help you achieve your personal legend.

I know for a fact one thing that wouldn’t have been as it is right now on any previous occasion of being in the position I am right now regarding the ‘forbidden organ’ (Please refer to previous posts for finding out what the forbidden organ is. OH BAH … since i’ve wasted so many words telling you to check somewhere else I might as well tell you right now as well … the forbidden organ . whenever it may be uttered by me will ALWAYS … ALWAYS mean the heart. And not the physical kind. And he isn’t in fact going nuts.

Or maybe I am. Well to be fair .. .no one can actually tell on their own and that too about themselves. That’s asking a little too much of us as humans isn’t it ? Determing ourselves if we are koooks or not. I mean first and foremost … if you have indeed lost it ….. well … then how are we in a mental position to judge that we have lost it ? … I mean .. even if it is a true statement, it’s credibiliy welll .. cannot be established by the same person whose mental state is in question.

But I think I am slightly digressing. Now where was I * scrolls up * reads * scrolls down * … 😛

Well to be fair .. ( I know I am digressing again .. but what the heck .. tomorrow’s a sunday .. or rather today is a sunday… ) 

Anyways … so yea … the great abandon feeling of the brain and the usual area of the grey matter used in order to keep our sanities amused and kicking.

It might soon lead to frustration …. but .. then again .. it’s 2.30 A.M. …. what the hell do I know ? For all I know…. this is completely something coming from the sleepiest bits of my personality and brain speak.

Taking from which I shall now bid you all a farewell for the night. Good night.


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