December 27th, 2008 – A year to her passing…

December 27th, 2007, the date on which Benazir Bhutto was assassinated. A year has passed since then and today is the first year of her death anniversary.

A year to her passing and democracy has supposedly returned to this country. Zardari is the President of Pakistan (Still with the ‘sweeping’ powers that many had opposed for Musharraf). The PPP rules the day even thou the party is more or less hijacked by the president and his cronies. Pakistan is in a serious economic turmoil (The world is facing a global recession to be fair) and we have turned to our ‘last’ option of the IMF. The terrorist attacks have continued and operations in our northern areas are ongoing. Relations with our neighbors India are tense with activities along both sides of the border.

A year has passed with all of the above, and our country’s mindset is still stuck on the CJ, the investigation in Benazir’s assassination case and other political bickering.

A year has passed and corruption and poverty are still rampant in our country. If nothing else, it has increased.

And still, our country’s mindset is stuck on the same things. We are still caught up in the hysterical circus of who killed BB. We are still stuck up in the circus of the CJ. And now we are heading into the war hysteria following the ‘Mumbai Massacre’ or Carnage or whatever it is that you want to call that.

Bhutto’s PPP is no longer hers or her father’s legacy as they had left it. That legacy has been hijacked by her husband and his henchmen. Even thou shrewd President of Pakistan/ “Co-Chairman” of PPP , has learned his way with words, one still can tell from the look on his face which he does try and hide so well that he’s still busy counting the money in his head that’s being made. The money that’s still spilling over from the lottery ticket that he’s been awarded since last year. Many times in this past year have I heard people say that Zardari has surprisingly learned how to talk and what’s more, talk sense on occasion.

A year to her death and the fortunes of this land are still hanging by a thread. Aside from my own personal opinions on the character and ambitions of BB, I for moment thought that maybe , just maybe the PPP if they win the election, and since they were die hard Bhutto followers, would rise somewhat for the betterment of this country. I thought, as Bilawal said ‘Democracy is the best revenge’, the PPP would take it upon themselves to avenge her death by the best possible means to quash terrorism, corruption and steer this nation in the right direction. I was of course wrong and it was of course a fleeting thought in a mere micro moment of time.

That was not to be. The channels today looked like digital shrines of the Bhuttos with the constant show reels on the past and the present of the bhuttos. The documentaries on the assassination plot investigation by various channels added to it. And of course goes on to prove what I earlier said about our nations mindset.

December 27th, 2008….. a year to BB’s death……. and a year with nothing to show for her supposed ‘Democratic ambitions for this country and its progress’.


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