The end of our journey – To all the Grads of ’08, CBM

Well, yesterday we were all rewarded. Our hard work of over the past 4 – 5 years was rewarded. We all got our degrees. Some masters, some bachelors. But we all had that same feeling of saying ‘FINALLY!’

We all got bored by Dr. Shamshad, but then… we were also all reminded of all the times that we’ve spent in CBM by our valedictorian.

I want to elaborate on that. Since he probably couldn’t fit all of the memories in that short space of time. For he was smarter then the good doctor :P.

I remember my first day at CBM. I and my cousin started together. And unlike the new tradition, we had our orientation on the first day of our classes only and not on the Saturday before the first day of classes. Talib Karim – TK – promised us a lot. He promised a journey of academic enlightenment. Well, he half delivered … that too not because of his own doings. We had a journey alright. The academic bit, I would rather not start on. I got ragged, I made a new friend, and I even got the feel of how I would set myself in this new endeavor of life. And from that day on, it’s been a journey of never looking back, even for all the mistakes and mishaps in between. No regrets.

The next four years, I saw myself, and my friends, slaving over reports, presentations, quizzes, last minute assignments, mid-terms, finals etc. How we learned through the 4 years on how to master the reports that we are working no matter what the subject. We became well versed in the art of making a good report. Making it presentable. Putting in the right information whether copy pasted, or derived from interviews from various managers in various companies. We learned how to deal with different subjects differently. We learned how to plan out our group studies in order to do well in exams. We learned that certain areas we need help, and in others we need to help. And we did. We all helped each other. In one way or the other.

These 4 years, I also saw how drastically we changed in our registration planning. Not by choice thou, but by need. Because of the overwhelming population increase each year, courses started to become full more quickly every semester. We went through phases of different ways to register thanks to CBM. We saw long lines, flying tempers, 6 hour + waits, and still not getting the right courses. We saw blood and broken glass even. That was a sad day. We saw luck, by going and standing in line on the first day, at 7 A.M. and getting the EXACT courses we want with the EXACT teachers. We saw having to stand in wait to argue with TK and company to get our courses because we couldn’t get it through their thick heads that those were the only courses we had left!!

The last 4 – 5 years, we’ve seen ourselves change as well. In the way our personalities have developed. In the way we have made our friends, groups, social circles. In the way we have increased in our confidence to handle varying situations. From presentations to breaking the ice with the opposite gender (owing to the fact that some of us came from non-co educational backgrounds). We learned (especially marketing majors) that bullshitting is quite a handy art, regardless of where it is used. If used correctly this art can bring you unprecedented success in both work and social networking!

I know I am not even going into half the details of all that transpired in our journeys in CBM. But I think what is important is that I’ve remembered, that we were all in it together. We all took each other’s support. We all shared biryanis as neeraj put it, from Hanif Rajput (or the umpteen new caterers of our canteen) and still didn’t like it. But had it everyday nonetheless.

Remember all the cafe times. The extreme rush hours when there would be no space, ANYWHERE. And then came along the subway area, as a hint of relief.

The emergence of the guitar culture. Sitting down, jamming some tunes and eventually playing all the well known songs that everyone would join in on and have a great time. Brilliant memories.

The talent shows, the Jashn-e-Bahara’s or the other basant festivals we have had. The dramas. The society work! My Lord I can never forget that. I simply cannot. The achievements we made during our events and seminars that we worked and arranged for. And getting all the sponsors.

The car pools that a lot of us had. And the Van partners that most of us had! The early morning traffic and getting late for the morning class every single day! And ironically all the traffic belonging to IoBM students!

The bake sales. The teachers. Some of the funny ones. Some of the frustrating ones. Some of the non-caring ones. Some of the caring ones. Some of them that you still have a lot of respect for. Some of them from who you actually learned something. Something that you could take through to the rest of your life.

There have been so many memories. There have been so many people who are a part of these memories. If nothing else, CBM gave us these memories. Some good, some bad. It gave us friends. Who we will probably never forget.

If not in academic terms, at least CBM gave us a forum where we were able to determine a direction for ourselves.

Yesterday was the highest point of our journey of the last 4 – 5 years. For it was the completion of it. And the beginning of a new one. Or at least the official beginning (For all those who have already started working)!

Cheers and Congratulations to all my fellow 2008 Graduates, Bachelors and Masters alike. We made it guys. 🙂



  1. Thanks Areej :)… direct other grad friends of ours to this. I think i’ve captured almost everyone’s sentiments in this.

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