Mindless Jabber

There are times when all of this seems utterly pointless. What’s the use of this material existence? Its all going to end. What’s the point of earning? A good job? A good education? I mean….. once the world ends… all of that will too, and we’ll probably forget about it.

So really, what’s the point of all of this ? Is it really a question of our desires and needs? Is all of this really done so that we can work our way through the ‘Hierarchy of needs’ that Maslow developed? What if truly deep down inside, we really ever do anything in this world for the sake of others and not ourselves? I mean everything other then the foremost basic human needs, which are governed by our id. Maybe we are all spending our lives to live up to what others want us to become. Or what this society dictates us to become.

And even if you are completely to terms with all of the above, and are actually doing everything that you can to live up to the expectations of others, what do others do if you something happens that’s truly beyond your control? They get disappointed. And your whole world comes crashing down. Perhaps because, as I said, we truly only spend our lives to live up to others.

So what’s the point of living through this life where you slave everyday like a robot, and 2 months into it realize this isn’t really what you wanted to do? Maybe in other parts of the world you are doing what you really wanted to be doing, but that’s a difference in society.

Now because of this stalemate of feelings of not really doing what you wanted to be doing and realizing it a bit too late to actually do anything about it since you are very much in the middle of disappointing someone for not living up to what they wanted you to become or what they expected of you, one being a human, and with a ‘Hierarchy of needs’ to complete and fulfill, the human mind tends to wander. The human mind tends to escape towards a more, fictional life. One with noses buried in books, and most of them about super heroes. So that we get lost in the world of fantasy and make believe super heroism.


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