Terror in Mumbai…..and also ‘in Bannu or Somewhere’

The events that have presided in Mumbai over the past 2 days , and still continue, are nothing short of Barbaric. Perhaps they even go beyond. For I am sure even barbarians had some honour. Some humanity. The Crazed look on one of the gunmen which has become somewhat the iconic picture of this terror strike in Mumbai, gave no sign of humane feeling whatsoever.


The last reports that I heard on CNN qouted Indian officials as putting the death toll at 160, and several hundred are injured (if I am not mistaken perhaps around 800). The city was under the siege of and a iron grip of fear has been cast over it.

I heard earlier in the day a Photographer who was an eye-witness to the events as they were unfolding at the Taj, one of Mumbais’ most prestigious and most luxurious hotels. The military had moved in and was concluding a rescue operation. Everyone was taken by absolute surprise at the pace with which this all happened and the boldness with which these militant groups struck. The relevant authorities were/are still baffled. And his final verdict was that it was absolutely ridiculous that the relevant authorities took 4 hours to move in. And that it was a ‘Mickey Mouse’ operation.

With the fires still burning in Mumbai, the finger pointing is just starting and as usual, Pakistan is one of the names that comes to their minds. And well lets be honest, everyones. And what does Pakistan do? Sent our Director General of ISI to them to share intellegence. Appropriate? Co-operative? or plain stupid? I wish not to say anything. You can all be the judges and have your own opinions.

However, I will judge this government of ours. I have said it before and I will say it again. It doesn’t actually seem like we have a government. This is actually more befitting of the ‘Mickey Mouse’ term, our government that is. Prices in this country are out of control. The poor are getting poorer and the rich are STILL somehow managing to get richer. Our esteemed Prime Minister, Mr. Yousaf Raza Gillani, continues to show us the puppet that he is. An absolute brainless puppet.

I mean despite the fact that their is absolutely no effort being put into the economic management of this country apart from giving a statement or 2 or doing something so obvious that a layman would have done it, our government also continues to show it’s uselessness in the security of our country. As rightly put by a friend, ‘Woh roz aakar chamaat martay hain hamain drone attacks kar kay. Ham roz kehtay hain, aab nahi karna, bataa ria hoon, baht marun gaa. Aglay din woh phir rakh kar chamaat martay hain.’ And our Premier, who while justifying the ‘Sharing of Intelligence’ visit of our Director General of the ISI, said ‘ The whole nation condems it. WE are also the victims of terrorism. We had that bomb blast in Marriot in Islamabad. And even today, I heard on the plane that there was a bomb blast in Bannu or somewhere.’

Now normally I would merely make fun of his apparent discomfort with English and lack of use for it and also the comic element in this statement which is that our Prime Minister ‘Heard’ on the plane that there was a bomb blast in ‘Bannu or somewhere’. Bannu or somewhere???? What does that mean? That no one bothered properly briefing the premier of this country about a bomb blast. Or that it has become so rudimentary that everyone’s stopped being shocked about it to actually know the complete facts. In either case, it’s sad.

Getting back to Mumbai, this despicable act was nothing more then cowardess. For all the terrorists who think that this was some short cut to heaven, I believe in my faith strong enough to know that they are blind morons. They are brainless brainwashed drone like robots. My brother while we were discussing this over dinner yesterday, recalled all the books he’s read about the cold war and the age of spying and deception and intellegence and counter intellegence. The world we live in today is far more dangerous and far more horrifying then the world was when Russia and America had their horns locked over the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis incidents.

Today there is absolutely no remorse, in the eyes of those who carry out such injustices. They seem absolutely soulless. Before there used to be … as one would put it, ‘Honour among thieves’. Now there is not.

The terror attacks that have taken place in Mumbai, even thou the attacks were much different then those in the past, (I mean it was a complete guirella operation) and even those that take place as mere bomb blasts on the train (2006, and previously took place in India) or the bomb blasts that regularly take place in Pakistan are all henious acts of violence, inhumanity and a crime against all humans.

I sincerely wish that those behind the attacks are actually brought to justice, and that this wasn’t the result of some chess move that so cunningly is always played by the CIA’s , Mossad’s, ISI’s and RAW’s of this world. (20 years ago, this list would have been topped by CIA, KGB).

I also sincerely hope that the leaders of both the nations show firm maturity, and don’t let things detoriate between the two countries. For whatever might be said, it’s not possible for me to believe, at least not for this point in time that the Pakistan State had any hand or influence in this. ISI perhaps. Even RAW perhaps. Because maybe both the intellegence bureues of their respective countries might not have wanted such close ties between the 2 countries. BUT I AM SAYING ALL OF THIS AS A MERE OPINION OF MY OWN AND IS NOT OFFICIALLY BEING SAID OR HAS EVER OFFICIALLY BEEN SAID!

I pray for the families of those who died in this horrible event, and wish for them the courage and resolve they need to move on with their lives. ap0811270412__opt


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