I am lost somewhere in the tides of life. I am lost somewhere on the waves and currents of society. The social order of things. The way everything progresses in reality. The way the motions of daily activities seem robotic and mundane.

I feel like i am just drifting to wherever the ocean currents take me. Not willing any direction of my own. Why is that? Am I not happy with who I am? Or where I am? Is all not what I would have hoped it would be? Perhaps. Well not perhaps … most probably, definitely, absoutely and any other similar word that you can find in the dictionary.

Music seems like the only salvation. Music and losing myself into the world of fantasy. A world that doesn’t exist. Just make believe. That too a commercial venture developed by someone who probably by now feels the same as me. A robot.

The world of powers. Of supers. Of magic. Of land beyond this realm of reality and existance. A plain beyond imagination. But again, beyond existance.

But these two are the only things of salvation. A salvation of losing myself…. of losing the feeling of being lost. The feeling of everything in reality being monotone. Mundane.

I want change…. (not along the same tune as ‘Obama’s change’) … but change. Like being an explorer. But … not merely of things in this world. Explore the unknown. Take a plunge and light up the abyss. Light it up to the understanding of the naked eye. Or for my own self first anyway.

Perhaps … just perhaps … I am waiting for my future. Perhaps I just want to press the fast forward button in life. And skip ahead.

I yearn …..


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  1. Out of words…have read a good piece of writing after a long long’s like you’ve given words to my thought process..i always thought i was the only one going through the pain of striving to understand the reality of my existence.. a little disappointed to see my friends going through the same agony, yet relieved to think that I’m not the only one wandering through the lonely streets and anonymous much awaited future..

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