America Votes: A chance for history

In a few hours the battlegrounds will start reaping the results. The consequence of the months of campaigning and jibing and talking about change and talking about the economy will be seen. In a few hours, Americans will decide wether to make history and change the fortunes of this world, or to stick to their conventions and avoid putting social taboos into the most powerful seat… that of the POTUS. (President of the United States)

    McCain and Obama                                

Mr. Obama has run a brilliant campaign. He has done all he could and given it all he had and surely on paper as well as on impression looks like the better choice. Not only because of his own charismatic nature but also because he doesn’t have a running mate who seems more like a double agent actually working for the other party. He is offering change… a change from the Bush policy of running after the country’s with oil and doing everything in his power to take control of them. Even if it meant bringing eventual economic turmoil. Which he did. The recent economic and financial crisis (global) was unprecedented in the modern history (1980’s onwards). I personally think ( and well I know quite a few people who would second this opinion ) that Obama would be better for the world. The world must do without a repeat of the last 8 years of bushism.

McCain … has given every signal that he is going to carry on ‘dubya’s’ fine work. And Mrs. Palin … well words escape me really. Not even election day and so much controversy already. A daughter who is pregnant (but not married and if i am not mistaken around 17 or something) ….. accusations of abusing her power as the governer of Alaska….. a Pakistani President who hit on her by saying she’s gorgeous and if he could hug her ( well ok that’s not her fault. …. nobody could have really prepared her for Zardari)…. and of course talking through her A**. !

But coming back to the social taboo I was talking about. See no matter how much lead Obama might have right now and how much support he has gathered from all areas of society… well almost all. It ain’t over till the fat lady sings. One cannot discount (and I am qouting this theory from an article which came in i think Time or Reader’s Digest… i forget … my Brother narrated it to me)… you SIMPLY cannot discount the last minute panic that will grip White Americans when they reach the polling booths. The panic of thinking “Hey wait a minute… we are about to vote for a Black guy with a Muslim Heritage into the most powerful seat in the world…are we nuts ? Do we really want to do this? ” . Despite the economic meltdown, despite all the Palins in the world and despite Arnie’s audacious speech in which he took cheap shots at Obama…… and despite the fact that he is clearly the much better choice….. it’s not over till it’s over. We must wait while America Votes.

We are screwed either ways as long as Mr. 10 on to 50 on to 90% is President …..


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