It is important to read the following before I start. This incident was forwarded to me on email, and sadly… there is no element of shock left in me over these sort of things….. just the sadness that prevails.

A 30yr old guy went out for dinner with his wife n 3 sisters to BBQ-2nyte at around 8:30pm…he had parked his car near the Nissan showroom….the restaurant had the usual hustle bustle of this peak time n their car was surrounded by many others…after dinner as soon as they got back into their car, a corolla with tinted windows stopped right next to their car, a man came out n asked them to give them whatever cash, jewelry they had—they did as they were told, hoping that the gang would go away as soon as they get sum valuables. but that’s not what happened- …..After the “corolla-guy” got cash n sum jewelry, he asked the man to give him one of the 4 women he had with him..(3 sisters n his wife) …the man was dumbstruck!!…he said that these were his wife n sisters they were talking about-…upon his resistance, they snatched away his wife, bundled her in to their car n drove off. The helpless man could not do anything to save his wife from these ruthless, disgusting people—he just smashed his head with a huge stone he found nearby n died on the spot. n there has been no news of his abducted wife.

Our country is in a state of free-fall. Free-fall by definition is only attributed to physics. But our society,economy, and all other systems that are part and parcel of a country and nation are very much in free-fall. We are constantly falling with no direction but downward, being pulled by the gravity of the ‘real’ world to crash. Imagine when we will eventually crash. And that’s not a joke, it is inevitable if this nation does not learn from it’s mistakes. How many more incidents like the above one must we see before we realize we have to act. Before we realize we have to wake up. Or are we just waiting for something like this happening to us so that we become helpless.

We have to realize that just constantly blaming the government for all its misgivings is not going to help. No one is going to do anything about it. We have to act ourselves. Create our own fortunes and not wait for someone to come with a magic wand and grant us 3 wonderful wishes. The law and order situation is responsibility of the authorities. So instead of taking out protests over the countless meetings and committees created for the ‘Judicial Crisis’ of Pakistan, why weren’t we out there demanding better measures of law in this country. Are we so lost that we are skipping the part where the law is being broken to the part where the felon ( if caught ) is tried by who we think is the ‘rightful’ chief justice of Pakistan. We should have demanded a better police. We should have demanded better accountability of the law enforcement agencies. We should be demanding that the government and all it’s partners in crime actually focus on making the lives of the citizens it serves more safe and secure.

Are we so blind? Can we not see the free-fall of this country? And it’s not just the law and order situation and not just things that we demand from the government. There are other social issues as well. The basics of being a civilized society. We are as a nation unruly. And sadly that goes doubly so for the ‘ELITE’ of this nation.

I am fucking tired of writing sad stuff about our country… so don’t think I get a kick out of this. But I am also tired of the attitude of this nation. I appeal to the people who read this, and who feel they are in a position to do something, to act. I appeal for them to act. For all I can do now is write. I am not in a position right now where I can do anything useful. And no one has any idea of how much I wish I was. I don’t lust the power. I hate it. But I am fucking tired of reading and constantly hearing about the innocent who keep suffering.

Another example of this nation being asleep and absolutely not bothered about fixing it’s own flaws was given in the article published as the cover story of this week’s Review Magazine of Dawn. Please read it. It’s yet another horrific reminder of things we already know but either ignore or are too lost to care about. And that’s just … pathetic.



  1. Sir, I’d really appreciate if you could mail me the source of this information… its no where to be found, and i am stuck badly !… please advise

  2. “It is important to read the following before I start. This incident was forwarded to me on email, and sadly… there is no element of shock left in me over these sort of things….. just the sadness that prevails.”

    As i mentioned in the post itself… it was forwarded to me on email by a friend. This is not something that can be verified … however the nature of the event is such that I don’t find it all that hard to believe

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