Of Resolutions and Implementations

I have just finished watching ‘The Alternative’ on Dawn News, hosted by Mr. Ijaz Haider ( Correct me if i am mistaken on the name). It was one of the few occasions that the media came to me in light of a responsible citizen. Mr. Haider, hats off to him, in the way he took up issues and was straightforward, objective and blunt about them. The issue under discussion was obviously a lot of things, but coming out of the ‘resolution’ which was adopted after the ‘in camera’ sessions that our parliment and the military etc have recently had.

I’ll just give a short gist of what transpired from the discussions in this show. It was established first and foremost that a lot of the terminologies which were used in the resolution was very vague…. and in dire need of clarification. Second the fact of the matter is that we can’t really decide ever what is our soveirgnty level, or what should our ‘independent foreign policy’ be. Not with the fact that our country more and more everyday seems to be heading in the direction of IMF. You can’t beg for money and then go on a rebelious lone wolf road. Impossible.Third…. there needs to be a better understanding and truthfulness about what the agendas of all the stakeholders involved in this country are. FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME I SAY ENOUGH POLITICKING!!! Fourth… we have to come and admit it and say it that this is now our war…. because its our children and women and men and the innocent who are dying at the hands of the f****** taliban or whoever so doing various suicide blasts and attacks. Not the US. Not any other country. But ours. So yes.. it is our war. And yes these attackers and insurgents are on our soil.  Last but certainly not the least….. what is the point of having resolutions and meetings and in house sessions and the formation of committees if thats just going to result in more meetings, and sessions and resolutions and sub committees… without anything productive actually happening. The Judicial issue was a classic example of this as played out by PML-N and PPP.

Now most of the stuff I would have wanted to say… has already been said in this program and thus covered by me in the short gist of it. Just to add to the above…. I’ve been saying this in a lot of my previous posts as well….. talking talking and more talking is not going to go anywhere because it will always be followed by the absence of action. That is what we need to focus on. Action, impelmentation on the problems and issues at hand. Implementation of solutions for them. And for once…. if the so called representatives of this nation… both elected and un-elected could actually for once live up to their identity of being the representatives it would be much appreciated.

I was quite impressed with Ms. Marvi … an MNA of PML-Q. The lady was quite well read, knowledgable and talking a lot of sense. Sense minus the now so obvious drool of being a Politician. More like sense out of complete sincerity.

PML-N …as always will remain in my darkest thoughts. No justice can be enough to be done upon them unless done by Allah Himself. I wish to no longer waste any of my seconds talking about them….. because it usually turns into rants.

And just to finish this… I would like to bring my spotlight onto the government. I am sorry… I have to keep asking myself … do we have a government ? Is this country actually being governed by people in office? And is it just a nightmare or one of the most questionnable characters to have walked this earth our ‘Democratic’ president? As far as I am concerned… the government is more non-existant then ever. It is headless…. well it does have a head … but … I am not sure that it’s a head head…. I am sure you get my drift. It is headles.. and directionless …. and doesn’t even look sincere in having the conviction of staying in office for long let alone the complete duration of it’s 5 years.

This country…. it’s economy and its governance is in a state of free fall right now. And no one is doing anything to actually do something about it. The citizens aren’t doing their bit…. the people with clout aren’t doing theirs…. just the slime and the scumbags are playing their cards…. and playing them well to their advantage.


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