The Motions of Escape

It’s become sort of a habit now. A ritual we must go through at least 4 times a week. Stories collected from far and wide of this city and this country. These are stories of murder, robberies, shootings, kidnappings etc. Recent past has shown these stories growing in number and also in the state of their morbidity. The recent past of these stories shows a reflection of how our society is decorating.

Kids have started identifying other kids in their schools who are rich and worth the effort of kidnapping for ransom. Not just friends mind you, in certain cases relatives, even first cousins. This is what our society has become. Bullets and murder is fast becoming an immune part of the structural set up of this younger generation. A generation I am not that far away from in age. But sadly miles apart in culture.

Kidnappings have started resulting in the immediate killings of the victims primarily because of the fact that their relatives or close ones were involved. I heard a story tonight of how a kid who just got enrolled in the first semester of my university was kidnapped and murdered and then dumped in Phase 8 DHA Karachi. Another story of a similar nature resulted in the victim being killed, chopped and then the mutilated remains being presented on the door step of the family.

Why is it that our society is consistently hitting all time new lows? It can’t just be because of frustration and desperation that people are forced to commit crime, felons and unspeakable acts of inhumanity. Not when kids are involved from good backgrounds. It’s not just a point of absolute no return in all cases. It is also this decorating sense of values and a decorating culture.

Getting back to the ritual that we go through (by we I mean my family), the stories are then followed by an analysis of how things are getting worse and worse and how it would be good to be on board, everyone of us, on designing and making an escape route. Exit strategy would be more like it. An uncle of mine asked me to have a session with him one day soon on the situation of this country. So that he can convince me to go now, out of the country, to a safer haven and return when the situation of the country is better. I personally don’t think he even believes that the situation will improve in that time or in any time soon.

The motions have started for a lot of well off and affluent people to make their plans, scout out properties and possible opportunities abroad to make their ‘move’. A move to a safer future.

Rationality perhaps demands and persuades many to follow suit. Rationality tells you to do the sensible thing. To make the wise choice and decision. Rationality tells me all of the same things. But then, rationality is not supposed to be based around one thing in isolation. It’s not like if it professes one thing, it doesn’t exist for another. Somehow, this rational comes to me, explains me everything. But then there exists rationality in my mind. A rationality which goes against the motions of planning an escape route.

I have said it before. And I have come to the conclusion that I’ll say many more times to come. I don’t know why. Maybe because so far I have been fortunate enough only to have experienced one personal gun point robbery. Of course I have my close family who has experienced it as well. But I have only had one experience so maybe that’s why it doesn’t take a hold of me as much to go abroad. Maybe it’s because I have always lived in comfort in my country. Mostly remaining untouched by the various jolts going and coming in society and the economy. Maybe because I was any army kid so the sense of loyalty and passion and love for the country is a bit stronger than other people. Maybe it’s because I am still young at 23, fire in eyes and blood. A raging love inside. And an innocent sense of noble righteousness. I don’t know.

Whatever the reason for it but the rational that takes hold of me more than the more common well founded one is to stay here. To stay here because, if everyone who wasn’t a crook and had a clean slate left, or started leaving, then this country will absolutely go to the dogs. To stay here because, I still believe in myself and in my passion enough to sense that I will, somehow, some way do something to help people in this country. Even if it’s a little thing. I will be able to do something. Maybe it’s a sense of not having really had the opportunity to try yet to play a role. To stay here and fight. Fight someway or the other for just ice. For humanity. To stay here and appeal to the greater good of mankind.

Do I have a plan? No. I don’t. But I believe that I am justified in not having a plan. I am 23. What would have I done before? Left my studies and tried to do something I wouldn’t have been able to achieve and then hurt both my cause and my set of values? I couldn’t do that. By completing my education I do believe I have given myself a better chance for being able to achieve a change. A change in that I hold dear. So no, I don’t have a plan. But I know that given the time, I have it in me to do something. Anything. Anything that will help. Even if I am able to achieve 1/100000000th of a difference. You want to know why even such a minor change will be ok? Well not ok but why such a minor change also convinces me to stay? Because that will be a start. I don’t think everything good starts with a bang. I believe sometimes you have to keep pitching in little by little to make something big. To change the world.

I suppose I am hell bent on this rationality. Not the one more commonly found among people and well founded no doubt. I don’t call people who want to leave selfish. I don’t say they are doing a wrong thing. They are making their choice, and I believe that I want to make mine.


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