Our Burning Plight

The Marriot Hotel in Islamabad was the latest venue of a terrorist attack in Pakistan. Till now the death count is at 40, and the hotel is engulfed in flames with 15 people reportedly trapped inside. The army has been called in for the rescue efforts. 

My brother usually stays at that hotel when he is in Islamabad for work. Diplomats and foreigners are also the usual residents in that hotel and the security arrangements have always been completely ‘beefed up’. Yet somehow they managed to bomb that place. 

The people, who have been killed, must include by and large the security guards and other staff of the hotel. These are people who are working on the wages of 6000 to 12000 a month. For the so called ‘jihadists’ and the Taliban my question is that are these your targets? If they are then they continue to prove themselves as nothing but barbaric terrorists with no understanding of the religion under whose Flag they perform their so called Jihad. 

Innocent people’s lives are lost in such attacks. People who have nothing to do with the affairs of running the country or dealing with other policies such as being part of the ‘war on terrorism’. What good does it do to kill them? What good for that matter does it do to kill anyone? Nothing more than giving the Americans more and more reason to continue to infringe our borders with their drone missiles and other strikes which also ironically results in the casualties of civilians more often than not. 

Bad intelligence, lack of regard and focus on issues which are detrimental to Pakistan and its existence is always going to result in bad things. Our President fresh from his laurels of winning the coveted title distracted my thought process for the past few days from the terrorism inside our country. I was caught up in what’s and ifs of the future under him. This was a cold reminder of the continuing problem in our country of a lack of security for anyone. No one is safe. 

My blog so far might seem very disconnected and somewhat vague and lost. But it is merely a result of continued and consistent depression at the decorating situation in our country. The economic factors are weak. The finances of the country are grim. The world over the finance situation is also grim given the events of the past week including the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, and the near same fate of AIG. However I digress. Right now it’s a question of the countless lives lost over the past so many years in these terrorist attacks and bombings and the increasing rate of suicide bombings. Innocent lives. People who were just going about their business. 

Where is the fault? Why is there such an increased number of people willing to kill themselves and others in the process in the name of false aspirations? Because these people, the ‘militants’ and the ‘taliban’, the soldiers in these outfits are brainwashed. Brainwashed by men who are so weakened and overwhelmed in the face of their own greed and desire that morality does not exist in their worlds. And the soldiers who are brainwashed are mostly young kids and men who probably either didn’t know any better or were unfortunate enough not to have any other avenue in their sight. Or at least they weren’t shown any other avenue. 

There is an increased need in my mind to sort and seek avenues other than the use of force, and the use of ‘diplomatic dialogue’. First of all, this is our country, and no one should be allowed to conduct any operation inside our boundaries, on our lands, against our people. Secondly, we need to desperately realize the fierce urgency of now and act on it. Act on factors which we are letting slip away from our hands. This will no doubt contribute in the future to making things more and more worse, leaving many a common man desperate and frustrated. 

Education, justice, humanity and the welfare of all citizens is a must. A means of survival is also a must. It is not only the duty of our sad excuses of leaders and federation to work at these but also of us, the citizens of this nation. We can’t just continue living off it until we are conveniently untouched and not bothered. Or rather let’s say till we are in our comfort zones. We must rise to the occasion of building this nation and its future. We must act. Ensure some sort of accountability on those who we have given the power to run the macro level affairs of this country. We must contribute towards building our societies in a manner which is progressive and productive. Till when will we remain in the clouds of ignorance? Only to be touched just a slight bit and the scoot off to the best possible exit route out of this country? If that’s the plan everyone’s following then there’s no use waiting. We are all done for anyway. 



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