Why So Serious?

Yes …. .I just saw the ‘Dark Knight’ … I gave in. I couldn’t wait for the cinema to show it. Although … I wouldn’t mind going and seeing it again on the big screen. It was a great movie. The action sequences might not have been as dazzling as lets say … the 500% hard to believe ‘The Wanted’ like…. but they were still pretty amazing. And .. yes…. the man… that we all wanted to see in his last role … in his ‘legendary’ performance… which will no doubt be acclaimed by the Oscars….. has done …a fucking amazing job. As Barney (From How i met your mother) would put it, ‘it was legen…. wait for it …….daaaarrrryy!!!’ .  But anyway.. so yea.. the title is such because i saw the bat yesterday. Thats that. Now on to the actual post.

We have quitely entered a new age. An age where people are actually asking ‘Is becoming a crook a way to become president one day.’ or the rather more non-humorous types would say ‘ Congratulations Pakistan. Now go fuck yourself over what you did. Or wait…. you’ve already arranged for that to happen to you.’

We are in an age … where a man, with criminal records, a term in prison… a suspect in murder cases including that of his own brother in law. And of course an un discussed suspect in the murder of his wife, the Late BB. A man who has corruption charges starting from his toes all the way upto his last and highest strand of hair. Yes. Mr. Asif Ali Zardari is the new President of Pakistan. ‘Aaj mohtarma kaa khwaab jamhooriat kaa… pura huwa’ … fantastic isn’t it? But then perhaps this will account for ‘Why so serious?’ . This sounds like a pretty good damn reason to be serious.

Or the fact that the US has stepped up its incursions inside Pakistan’s borders in their hunt for militants. The FATA region is constantly prones to US Drones attacks, missile attacks etc etc. Our Army Chief, kudos to him, has quite firmly said that Pakistan will at all costs. The Prime Minister has backed his army on this. The US has said nothing as to the ‘Rules of Engagement’. Our sovereignty is under immense threat and question. That’s why so serious.

Our Inflation rate has reached 24% …. our food inflation is more than 35%. Thats why so serious. Robberies, Kidnapping and murders are at a climbing rate. That’s why so serious. The job markets are slightly tightening. The financials of the country are tightning. Thats why so serious. The common man is beign crushed under the pillars of this worlds society and economic structure.. that’s why so serious.

A great man once said that his country must fully understand and acknowledge ‘the urgency of now!’. That’s what Pakistan has to realize. That’s what Pakistan should have realized quite some time back ideally but then again we don’t live in an ideal world. The only path to having a shot at glory and being proud of the country in recent times was cricket. Well sort of anyway. When we would lets say do the obvious and win against Bangladesh? But right now, even that is at it’s lowest. No one will come play in Pakistan. Security is just too much of an issue. Let alone the foreigners, it’s a problem and an issue for ourselves. The citizens and the residents of this country. That’s why so serious.

I know of late I have simply been writing low and depressing stuff for the country, but well, thats what’s the situation is right now. And you can’t do much more about it. We have to face the reality. And hold it smack in front of our faces so that we do ‘realize the urgency of now’. This country needs leaders. And there won’t be a leader to come from the heavens. We have to breed the leaders from amongst us. We have to fix ourselves and then maybe a leader will rise. For he will then see a great nation which deserves to be lead to greatness. But currently that’s nowhere on the horizon. That’s why so serious.

I believe. And I will continue to believe. But how much faith I have left in that belief.. is something I don’t know right now.

Oh and also, we don’t know when SCRUBS IS EVER GOING TO END .. .THATs also WHy so Serious!


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