Pakistan… at 61

It’s getting imensely difficult and depressing constantly defending my nation. And not just against other people, but my own self. I’ve always made it clear in simple , complex or complicated terms, however you want to take it, that I love my country. I love it. But honestly it’s getting difficult to give myself even a logical and rational reason behind it. First it used to be just the corrupt politicians, and the society’s flaws were always there in the backdrop. But not so blatantly out there. Now it’s nothing like that. Our own deeds have manifested this current situation. Not just the so called ‘Leaders’.

Our media, is more politically charged, more politically obsessed rather then giving just that… News. It’s not giving news anymore. Its giving propoganda. GEO Started running a reel of a mock poem which insulted the Ex-President and his supporting ‘Q’ League. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never appreciated these tactics employed by them even when they were applied for persons I detest and am not just dissappointed in.  This is an act of irresponsible media.

Our society, has increased robberies, murders, kidnappings etc. Shots are being fired constantly every night in certain neighborhoods. Every night. Interestingly robbers used to carry TT’s or Pistols before. They’ve decided to shift to AK’s. Some people I know, one of them a guy of 27, was heading to his valima, before he, his elder brother, new bride, bhabi and younger sister were held up by AK’s in the middle of traffic. And the robbers due to unfathomable reasons for a lack of patience of 3 seconds even, fired shots. The groom was on the ventilator for 2 days.

The elite of our nation, the rich society. They display even more and more disorderliness with each passing day. They are breaking lights. Ramming cars into innocent bystanders or other car drivers. Speeding. Causing wreckless damage. Engaged in all sorts of illegal crap.

Our law, is so busy with their protests that cases which were already held up for long periods of time are further delayed. Furhter cases are getting piled up. People who would probably be sentenced to 1 year or few months for their crimes, end up spending 5 or more years in prison waiting for their hearing.

Senators of our country merely say that an act of burying 3 women alive when they wished to marry of their own choice is a ‘tradition of our province….’ . A tradition! It is a henious crime. And he who condones it is an even bigger and more barbaric criminal.

Country’s refuse to come play sports in our country. Cricket ( the only refute for the common man for hope of some glory for this nation we call Pakistan ), died in Pakistan recently. Or suffered as severe set back. Whatever you want to call it. Teams felt strongly about their security in a country where the residents themselves are not safe and refused to participate in the Champions Trophy if it was held in Pakistan. As a result of which the event has been postponed till next year.

Bribery has not just remained a flaw in the system. It’s no longer a choice. It’s a lifestyle. Some would argue with me, and rightly so perhaps, that it was always a lifestyle post XYZ’s era.

I am actually afraid of an era where our country’s President, even if the post is made merely ceremonial, could possibly be a man like Asif Ali Zardari. The man who chose to ditch his own family name in the name of politics. A man who has constantly been linked with corruption charges since the early 90’s or even earlier perhaps. A man who apparently has $60 Million in a Swiss account which is un accounted for. A man who has claims of doctors of him being mentally ill looming on his head.

There is a grave danger of our northern regions being over run by the Taliban. The barbaric cult which ultimately doomed Afghanistan. Again a manifestation of our own policies. Our own culture. Our own doing.

I still want to hope. I still want to believe. But when you are facing the current situation it becomes harder for you to convince yourself even. I am still going to pray.  I am praying that after 61 years of this country being mismanaged by it’s leaders, misused by the fortunate citizens and being made a victim of barbaric people and frustrated people, that someone will rise, someone will bring about a change. Someone has to. Change won’t come itself. Someone has to start it. Even if a little change, in a little thing, is a start. As long as it’s a permanent change.

Please remind me if I’ve missed out on anything. Sad as it may seem, I might just have.


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