True Origins

Fury was never a trait I could distnace myself from. Ever since I was young, my rage was my fuel. And soon this fuel over flowed. By the time I was old enough to be crowned a Prince, that is the authority of a Prince, my fuel had pretty much become my driving force. That is all I had come to know. That and pride. The pride of being the Prince of my race. And an ever lasting rage. Burning inside me.

I was from a special race. A race of warriors. Proud race we were. That’s all we had ever known. Our fore fathers, and their fore fathers before them, carried the flag of being warriors. The ultimate fighters. And this was all in my blood, my essence. The only addition was, as I have mentioned, my rage.

My abilites as a warrior far exceeded those of my fellowmen. I was unchallenged. I was at the top. No one could touch within a mile. I was the best there was and the best that was ever to be there, for centuries to come. That’s how the script was supposed to be, at least near me. For I was a Prince. The Prince of all. And all bowed to me, to my power. To my abilities. My name was to live on for centuries. At least in this world.

For in the other world, the world after life, everyone knew whose name was to be written for centuries even after mine. The one that had been banished by my father. Out of fear. A fear brought on by his pathetic advisors, wizards. Corrupt lot they were. They were afraid of the fortunes they had seen for the boy. This young soul was to directly clash with their interests. Purely theirs. Nothing to do with anyone else. Their selfish corrupt greed. But we didn’t come to know this till it was too late.

My father, King Amadian, was tricked into believing by these false priests that this boy was the sign and the omen of the devil. And that he would directly destroy the ruling hand of my Father. So convinced was he that he had the entire family ordered and ready for execution. I was too young to remember any of this. But now when I am told of this, the boy, who was almost the same age as me, suddenly was driven by a fire greater than that of rage. A drive of survival and justice. Two things that I have never really had to encounter in my life till now. I had been told about this boy. And I knew that this boy was far better. Far superior to anyone. Which is why they managed to escape, the boy and his family.  My father, the king, ensured that this be removed from the recordings of any sort. He wanted the existance of this boy to be rubbed out of our history. The last we heard the boy was sent away to another world. Far from our own, to protect him from the wrath of my Father and his corrupt priests.

Today, I am standing, questioning my own abilities. Simply because you exist. I, Prince Taramis, am in doubt only because of you. Well I cannot rest, until I find you, and destroy you with my own abilities, to prove that I, the Prince of all, am truly the perfect warrior. And that no one can stand a chance against the likes of me. Not even you, the legendary boy they call ‘Renegade-X’.


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