Life After the General

On August 18th, in a speech filled with emotions, President Pervaiz Musharraf announced his resignation. The General’s 9 year regime had come to an end. One filled with just the right ingredients for being called a mixed legacy. There were the good points and there were the bad points. A horrible 2007 in terms of decisions that were taken by the General. However the same person stabilized detoriating relations with nuclear neighbors India. So yes, the 9 year regime of the General will always be remembered as a mixed legacy.

But now all of this is part of history. The past cannot be changed. We must now look towards the future. And not just the future of who will be the next president or the ever lasting Judges Issue. But the future of the masses and of greater Pakistan. The economic future, the developed future of the country.

I fear however, the coalition will not be functioning along the same lines. The PPP and the PML-N are suddenly going to find a huge gaping hole in their relationship as coalition partners. One which will be found by the loss of a common enemy. And it will be fueled even more by the fact that Mian Sa’ab is probably not very happy ( at least he didn’t look happy ) with the fact that Musharraf will probably not stand in any trial. As I have always maintained that the entire issue of the Impeachment is nothing more than personal vendetta as far as Mian Sa’ab is concerned. With no more Musharraf in the equation, the power tussle between the two major parties of the country will now start. I sincerely hope I am wrong, and that through some miracle, these two remain together for the next 5 years of their term.

Whatever will happen, we will have to see over the next few days. The actions and ‘decisions’ will be indicative enough of where they plan to head with this country.

Some of my friends have asked me since the announcment, of what my sentinments are and what comments do I have. Well I think I have made my comments and opinion somewhat clear. Not crystal, because honestly, it’s not crystal even in my mind. I just don’t know what to expect honestly. We are the mercy of two faces from the past of our country. A decade which has been named the ‘Lost Years’ in many economic books. Two ‘political leaders’ who are not even elected. They aren’t in a government position. Why is that they are taking decisions? Why are they holding high level meetings with every tom, dick and harry in Dubai, London, Karachi, Islamabad over dinners and lunches lavishly prepared? These are the same people who claim to bring ‘real democracy’ to our nation. That’s the most ridiculous statement I have ever heard. There isn’t even a single party which functions on democracy. We have parties which are ‘khandaani’, which are based on ‘jageedari’, or even whose leader hasn’t changed in years and years. So please, lets stop making mockery of a word which isn’t practiced even on the very basic levels of our political systems.

My sentiments towards Musharraf’s resignation, sad. I wish he could have continued or rather conditions would have been favorable for him to continue. He made mistakes which led the situation to where it is. I wish him all the best, for I still believe that he was a decent leader who did honestly try.


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