And then there was the Impeachement issue…..

The talks had been going on for the past 4 days and finally today, a smug looking Mian saa’ab and the ever dramatic Dark Prince, announced at a joint press conference, their plans to pursue the Impeachment of President Pervez Musharraf. And of course how can we forget the judiciary, which will be restored after the previous mentioned action.The very basis of PML-N’s election victory mandate is on two points; restoration of the judiciary and the impeachment of the President. Hence it’s no surprise that Mian saa’ab was looking all smug. Happy. Gleaming. His objective was complete. The personal vendetta was a reality after all.

For the past 4 months, i.e. since the new government officially took charge of things, all we have seen is a battle of wills between PPP and PML-N. There has been no proof or evidence of any sincere work towards the issues which are threatening the well being of this nation. The restoration of the judges and the impeachment of the President are certainly not even close to being under that category.

Petrol prices have gone through 7 hikes. It’s currently at Rs. 87 per liter. That’s almost Rs. 30 more than what the prices were before the elections. The food prices are spiraling. The common man is finding it extremely hard to make ends meet. The event of Ch. Iftikhar and the rest of the ‘deposed’ judges being restored and the independence of the judiciary will certainly not put food on the table of the poor. Economic management will. That is something that this so called ‘Coalition to save the democracy of Pakistan’ has not done. In fact, the first month in and the PML-N part of the federal cabinet resigned. That too a short time away from the annual budget. How much more irresponsible can you get?

Every single day, in the papers, in the news, it’s the same old story. Judges, judges, and more judges. After a long time the impeachment issue got a second wind hence we are seeing activity on that front. No one seems to remember that there is an economy within this country that is withering away to totters.

I demand, as a citizen of Pakistan, that give me one, even just one LOGICAL and JUSTIFIED proof that the events of the restoration of the judiciary and the impeachment of the President, especially at this point in time will help change the fortunes of Pakistan for the better. I am safely going to say none can be provided apart from a few vague statements. That’s what they are best at giving.

The impeachment, if it succeeds will I can guarantee, further move to destabilize the economy. Instead of being productive in whatever sense that these jokers of the past might consider this act to be, it will be counter productive in reality. I am not supporting President Musharraf. Although in all honesty, he made mistakes, but at least there was economic activity during the 8 years. Yes, that should have been better directed and focused, but it was there. Yes the politicians with him were corrupt as well. But so are the ones who are meeting 12 times a month over fancy lunched in a gazillion venues.

There consistent claims that ‘talks of such matters’ takes time is bullshit. Yes I am saying its bullshit. Absolute rubbish. It’s nothing more than a waste of the tax payer’s money. Scrap that, it’s nothing more than daylight robbery of the tax payer’s money.

The President has remained very firm and says that he will fight it out. That he will take whatever measures necessary. He can no longer use article 58-2(B) (correct me if I am mistaken with the number), the one to dissolve assemblies, since the coalition has already announced their plan of action.

I’ve said it before, in this write up and in previous write ups. The problems that this country is going through will not be solved by any of the two needle points, i.e. the Judiciary and the impeachment. They will be solved through COMPETENT Economic Management. Those two points are not magic wands. Those actions carried out at this sensitive point, will further damage the situation. Not only economically, but otherwise as well. This is a time when the country and its leadership needs to further strengthen the country; it has just moved to weaken the state.

The past four months were the Judiciary; the near future can aptly be labeled ‘then there was the impeachment’.


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