Classically speaking of course in the esteemed words of Dr. Cox ‘People are just bastard filled bastards with bastard coating.’

It’s so true. We all like to live in the illusion of some security. Security of any form. Some of us think that emotions are far fetched ideas, living in their own little introverted world of friends and circle and life carries on as such. Unscathed. Unabated. Some like to think that they are the biggest thing to have walked the planet in their world of people.

We can go to very far extremes of trying to ascertain what our illusion can achieve for us.

  • Power
  • Love
  • Fame
  • Security
  • Immortality

At times this little voice in our head that’s been propogating the dream or the perception of a certaing element of our existence is confronted with the non-existance of the very such element. Then it turns ugly. Denial and anger accompany a whole bag of mixed emotions that you are going through. For example, there are some of us who live under the perception that the best way to survive whatever is going on in our country is by escaping it while they still can. But escape to where. Escape from what. The roots of your own motherland never leave you. In fact they will haunt you forever.

Men, desire power more than anything. The illusion of power, of might, of strength, of invincibilty, helps the the dreams of immortality. The key to combating the sands of time. The way to live forever. To write your name in the concretes of history, never to be written over or washed away. Until that very power consumes them. It liberates their darkest natures. To the point where your 2nd nature is non-existant unless it’s on evil mode.

Funnily enough, and here’s the irony in all of this, illusion is as defined by wikipedia:

An illusion is an error in perception.

Now the people who are the victims of this, are probably who know this meaning the best.


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