One of the most interesting movie titles ( just talking about the name ) that I’ve come across is ‘Lions for Lambs’. Quite the ring to it. Reminds me of a lot of qoutes. The most striking one being ‘The old declare war, it’s the young who must fight and die.’ I can’t say that’s the exact accurate qoute, but its the gist anyway. It was said by President Cooper (If I am not mistaken) of the United States.

Now in the present day and circs that I am writing this, it might seem obvious that I am writing about the various ‘Wars on Terror’ and the ‘Jihad’ calls being sung around the world. Where young innocent people who don’t know half of what and why there orders are what they are, are dying for the Long Term plans of their masters. They are mere pawns in this galactic global multi player battle of chess. However, this particular blog is not on that.

No this, ‘Serpico’, takes a lot from the actual movie Serpico. The internal battle. The movie being based on the true story of New York City policeman Frank Serpico. Serpico eventually went undercover to expose the corruption of his fellow officers, after being pushed to the brink at first by their distrust and later by the threats and intimidation they leveled against him.

I say internal, because I believe that everyday, and in most of the activities and the encounters that we are invovled with in our lives, there are always two forces at work. The good mana and the evil mana. The one who influences the more, wins and hence the action of a person. That’s kind of like the movie. Where a cop within is against the bad cops within the entire police department.

These two forces make us carry the burden of are actions and reactions. The key being control. Your emotions, your rationale. Control your temper and your passion. Control.

Inadvertently we tend to bounce on a point to fight or argue, which if we think over later on, realize was nothing to get all that worked up about. At other times, we tend to hold on and never let go of certain things. Ghosts of our past one could say. Angst becomes a regular feature in our daily routines.


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