Gun to my head

Keeping in line with the fact that this is a blog, I chose this title.

Today, I experienced for the first time, a gun pointed towards me, creeping out from the passenger’s hand on a bike. I was the sole front row seat at a point blank gun point robbery. So now I not only have heard about it in the papers, in the news, from people who have experienced it like my friends and family, but now, I have experienced it as well.

The sad part is that it’s not shocking or surprising that it happened. It’s almost like the feeling of inevitabilty was always there. I just wasn’t prepared for the metal in my face. I was needless to say, stirred, shaken. It isn’t something I’ve prepared for. Having a gun inches away from me looking in my direction.

I am not perturbed at the material loss ( a cell phone and some cash ). I am actually finding myself being thankful that the people who held me up weren’t maniacs. The kind that you do hear about. Who at times get frustrated if you are not a valuable catch, and as a outlet of that frustration, shoot you.

Also, kind of sadly, I found myself to be perfectly alright within a couple of hours. Life goes on. Part and parcel of the world we live in. It is sad that we are saying it’s part and parcel of the world we live in when IT is in fact being robbed and your life being threatened.

I would be naive to think that these people are the scum of the earth. What they are doing is wrong. Without a doubt. But to judge their roots and character to be evil, is also wrong. Like I said, it is also frustration. And that’s what makes the entire thing so dangerous. It becomes more dangerous when the economy in which these things happens, starts to lose balance. When inflation starts to hit highs. When people find suddenly that eating once a day also is now a difficult challenge. When you have this sinking feeling that your country is the ship whose steering wheel is broken, it’s heading for that huge ice berg waiting to rip it apart, and only the people controlling the ship ( the government and the so called national and political leaders ) are the only ones who know about it. The passengers, at the moment are just trying to deal with the bad service and the some of the stowaway crooks. I know, way too much of a metaphor.


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  1. It is sad what happens when people are left jobless. They are driven to steal. I myself was robbed just last week.

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