The Long March, The Generals and the Dark Prince

I admit first of all that i have taken the liberty of borrowing the ‘Dark Prince’ nickname given to Mr. 10 % from elsewhere, but one has to admit. It suits him.

OF the last month or two, one thing which has become more evident then ever before is that we as a nation are obsessed with politics, even if it is just so that we can unload a bag full of curses and let out steam. So much so, that our media, has more coverage of the Political Leaders in their news then of our national leaders. One can easily tend to forget that Mr. Gilani is actually the Prime Minister of Pakistan. President Musharraf of course is cursed with being in media time and again of late with something being thrown against him, so he is there, but not so much so in the capacity of a president but rather in the capacity of being a victim of Character Assasination attempts.

Nawaz Shariff has found a second wind in putting down the ex-general, and what’s more, this time he has brought along some of the other ex-generals along for the ride. We have been given a dose of ex servicemen, mostly Generals, coming on various platforms, revisiting Kargil, and calling for the trial of treason for the ex-COAS. Of course these were the very same generals who were there side by side at the time of the said event. And were just as much a party to it as anyone.

The army, has always I maintain been a solid institution overall, minus some of the top brass taking over national affairs from time to time in the history of our country. This was proven, when after these generals came out with their so called ‘opening the pandora’s box’, some of the other ex-servicemen, not those who have taken any FAVORS from Musharraf in the past, came out with logic, and evidence and blasted the likes of Gen. (R) Jamshed Gulzar and comapany and of course Nawaz Shariff.

It is sad to see the Army, the foundation of this solid institution of country, crumbling towards politics like this. Not those still in service, but those who are retired. And even if they are retired, they still hold a duty to all that they have served and to this country to maintain and uphold that spirit of the armed forces. Especially those who have served in senior positions. No good can come from bringing your own country’s and your own establishments name in great doubt. If these Generals, DEMAND the arrest and trial of General Musharraf, than let us not forget, as the respected Governer said, these generals have files of themselves as well. And these can be brought in front of public. Anything they accuse Musharraf of, will go without question for themselves as well.

Coming back to Mian sahab. He has turned his focus soley on getting his revenge, and soley proving that he is still just as big a moron as he was before. I feel pity for those honest souls who get fooled by him. His great showing at the long march in Lahore, just to give one speech and then return to his humble abode… was shameful. Chotay Mian is acting much more sensibly one feels. I’ve said it once before and I would like to say it again, and especially DEMAND an answer from Nawaz Shariff. How, and a complete and elaborate explanation beyond just the puffy words of this country’s integrity and spirit etc, just HOW is the restoration and this struggle for the restoration of the Pre Nov 3rd judiciary ensure the solution of the much more ongoing crisis of the economy of the country, like inflation, and poverty and power and water shoratges? Does he actually expect us to believe that the moment the judges resume duty eveything will be solved, magically ? I am mentally tired of this Focus on the Politics and Power ( controlling not energy) issues in the form of judicial crisis and all springing up when all the budget announced for combating the poverty level really was to announce giving 1000 Rs. to the poorest of the poorest families. How the hell is the judiciary more important than that crisis? How?

And finally, coming to the Dark Prince. I must admit, he has learned a lot in his time away and in prison. He has learned how to play his cards. Mr. Zardari is currently the Big Boss man, flying off to Saudi accompnying our Premier, holding sessions of the cabinet of Sindh and of course time and again holding press conferences. He’s not even a part of the government. He’s not a national leader, he is a political leader. A political leader of theatrical misfortune. Fortune for him, misfortune for Pakistan and some and trust me a rare breed of commendable politicians (note: Makhdoom sahab). He’s biding his time, for I do sincerely believe he is simply carrying out for a greater plan at hand, working in the background. One can’t help but feel that there some great foul play at hand in all of this. You just don’t feel right about anything to do with out country’s system and working at the moment. Like I said earlier, one can almost forget that we have a PM by the name of Yusuf Raza Gilani.

May Allah’s mercy stay with the people of this nation. Ameen.



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