The Saga Continues..

The mills of chess are churning all around this fair land we call Pakistan. The players are plenty. The moves are plenty. The ones losing are the people.

The new government, the coalition government was formed, in March. There were hails and shows of strength all around the country. The nation was hoping beyond hope for a period of calm. For a period of consolidation. But alas. The much touted and of course at the same time, tainted marraige of the PPP and the PML-N came to an almost end. If it’s not a divorce then it surely is a seperation.

The judges issue, having not been resolved beyong the deadline (2nd deadline) of May 12th, the PML-N, under the conspicous leadership of Mr. Nawaz Shariff decided to leave the government. With the budgets around the corner, this is a decision which will, or rather should surely be questionned as to whether it really was in the better interests of the country of was it in the better interests of a Power hungry back from exile leader.

Power shortages continue. Inflation continues. Food shortages continue. The government continues to borrow. And the effects will be there for us to bear next year as well mind you. So really, to what benefit is this struggle to get Mr. Iftikhar back and restored when the masses are suffering ? Do these old stalwarts of the political cosmo of our country really expect us to believe that as soon as the judiciary is restored to Pre Nov 3rd, all problems will go away.

They wont. And yes, I am saying it, the wisdom of our political leaders is best being used for their own gains. One has used it better than the other and more cunningly, which is what has gotten the other all pissed off. Of late Mr. Nawaz Shariff started his Anti Musharraff drive in full throttle yet again. Again, the wisdom of this act? No matter what one wants to say, it cannot be denied that the past 8 years have seen the country’s economy grow. Albeit there have been problems which were not properly addressed. And these weren’t minor problems. I am not defending him. But facts are facts and those are that the past 8 years have been 10 times better for us then the 90s ever were. And the 90s were a battle of musical chairs between PPP and PML-N. So really as far as I am concerned we are back to square one. Hopefully we will go in the right direction this time.

Mind you, of late the former CJ has been featuring in the news as well and making statements which really are more political then of the legal fraternity’s concern. The media is concerned with the politics, this can be measured in the countless number of ‘Political Talk Shows’ that come on the news channels. Mr. Hamid Mir of course being a popular watch. Why is that everyone is more concerned with the politics of this country and the way they are playing their chess game, rather than focusing on the problems of this country more grave in nature and more distorting the way of life of many people. Why aren’t the wise owls of this nation’s LEADERSHIP being questioned on these things and being brought to task. Why?

Focus on the power crisis, the shortages, the inflation. These are the real problems of the country, the rest is old news and I can safely say that the people are tired of it, and weary. And we want a change. I’ve said before in one of my posts and I will say it again. The old stalwarts, the shariffs, the choudry’s and yes, even the bhutto’s and the zardari’s need to go. They should be pushed out, forever. No strings attacthed. Just take your corrupt riches and leave us alone. We need new faces and fresh blood to govern this country.

Allah help us. All pray to Allah, for he is the most merciful.


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