Black Moon

Life, experiences a multitude of things. Love , anger, hate, lust, calm and panic. Just to list a few.

Of late,, night fall seems to be more intense. The sleeplessness always present. My imagination splattered in front of me. The darkness almost talking to me. Telling me ‘Stay calm, we will come soon’. And surprisingly that doesn’t scare me. In fact I’ve been sleeping after that. Almost as if I took valium.

But in all the suppressed calm and peace, I know in my heart, in the deepest corners of my sub concious that something is amiss. And this becomes more relevant when I look at the moon. I see a face in the moon. I can sense it being a familiar face, yet I don’t recognize it.

There was a deep sense of acknowldgement through the corridors of my heart for the face. And yet I can’t place this seemingly close person. I can sense hurt, sadness in me. I can sense an undeniable pain and still the face has no recognition.

I recall something of a crushing feeling, an emotionally crippling feeling. I want to cry and I want to scream. I start getting uneasy.

I feel myself going mad. Obsessed with an unknown desire. I see the face still without recognition. But I also remember the feelings of love, passion and happiness.

And then suddenly my memory train starts to go back. I remember. The face. The face of my love. My obsession. Our relationship. My turmoil. My tumutous overbearing passion and emotional wreckage. The hollowness between us. Then I see the moon go black. I see gun shots. I see bodies lying on the floor. Cold. Still. Laying in the static of the night. A black night. I see her face. Still. At peace. But dead. And the next, I see my own. Laying still. Static. In agony even without life. I see the black moon now, setting upon me.


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