Land of a thousand souls

He opened his eyes after a long sleep. So long that even he didn’t remember. Where was he? He did not know. All around him was land. Far stretching out land. For the first few moments of his new awakening he couldn’t fathom the place he had reached. Nor could he anyone else, any other living being. Even the trees and the plants seemed to be dead. As if crystallized for all eternity. That was his answer right there. But he didn’t know that.

Now that the feeling was completely back in all his limbs, he got up, to explore. What ? Where ? He didn’t know. It all seemed the same. Land stretching out in all directions without any end. The horizon was the same across 360. There was something else that was strange about this place, this world. The sky was not blue. It was white, but the sun was shining just the same. It seemed like a normal sunny sky, only without the blue. And in it’s place a white sky.

He vaguely started remembering what happened last before his timeless sleep. He was on the emergency table, he was there because he had had an accident. He died. He remembered dying. So where was he now ?

Just as he was thinking and trying to recall his roots and eventual passage to this strange place, he started seeing faces all around him.  The faces seemed lost to him … almost as if in a trance. As if they were heading some place. He tried figuring out where but couldn’t. The entire scene seemed like a phenomenon to him.  A phenomenon it started creeping onto him that he would soon be a part of. It seemed to him that the faces were just going through some right of passage. It was a step. A phase. A small part in a bigger scheme of things. And he was smack in the middle of it.

He started feeling this sensation that there weren’t just a few faces, but hundreds. And then those hundreds turned into thousands. He started getting a grip of where he was. He had died. All these faces around him seemed dead. It all just started making some sense to him. He was dead, in between a thousand dead faces. Where could he be? Where else but in the waiting room before heaven or hell.

He now started thinking of all his life, it seemed like his life started flashing before his eyes, for a second time, for he remembered the flash before dying. And now he was looking at everything more critically, what he had done in his life and all. He was searching for a defense argument for himself. For being anointed into the throes of heaven.

He was about to give his own verdict, when suddenly he stopped thinking , he stopped feeling, and started fading, and started walking. Focusing on a single direction ahead. Just like all the other faces, the thousands of other faces around him. He knew now without thinking that he was in a land of a thousand souls. And his was next in line to be judged.



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