The Theatrics of Pakistan’s Politicking

It’s been an unfortunate past 2 weeks for Pakistan’s Political set up. Especially for the ‘coalition government’ which is striving to make Musharraf’s work towards the democratic process a success and is taking the credit all to themselves. First the unprecedented attack on Former CM Arbab. And then, the hooliganism shown on the night the so called Lawyers’ movement to restore the judiciary and self proclaimed achievers of the road to democracy harassed and tortured former Parliamentary Affairs Minister Dr. Sher Afgan Niazi. These two incidents are extremely sad and unbecoming of a nation which proclaims to be back on the development track and which is back to democracy. The so called democracy doesn’t seem to be present in these two situations and is in fact replaced by anarchy. For whatever their faults and misdeeds , Arbab and Sher Afgan should be tackled by all concerned parties through the right system. And not by taking Law into your own hands and assaulting them. No one should be treated that way, let alone former Ministers. Dammit they were ministers of this country and Arbab is a MPA in the SIndh Assembly like or not, whatever the grievances against them, should be taken up through the ‘legal’ process.

Following the incident of the torturing of Dr. Sher Afgan Niazi, the President of the SCBA, Chaudry Aitzaz Ahsan, announced his resignation, and then after a lot of persuasion, after a lot of throwing around the blame, and a lot of ‘pressure’ he withdrew his decision. The idiotic idea of the attack on the former minister by the lawyers’ to be deemed as a conspiracy hatched from the presidency, as touted by Chaudry Aitzaz Ahsan is baseless. The presidency for whatever it’s worth right now, is seeming sidelined at the moment with the elected government still enjoying it’s euphoria. It’s nonsense. Pure nonsense.

As if that was not enough, April 9th saw retaliation and reaction in Karachi, and today, April 11th, saw yet another resignation and withdrawal. Owing to the theatrics of Altaf Hussain, the self – exiled leader of the MQM. Blaming the MQM Leaders in Pakistan for not controlling the situation in Karachi on April 9th, he said it was best if he stepped down, and that the leaders should end their boycott of the National and Sindh Assemblies. Of course he was never really going anywhere from the power that is bestowed upon him by his own self over the loyalists of MQM and of course the ruling party of Karachi. It is an unquestionable fact that the MQM is run by Altaf Hussain with an Iron Grip, and that no other leader in the party can posses such a commanding loyalty. It is in fact a quasi state one could say.

The message of course being clear. The Politicking is moving from the theatrics to the distinct image of the 90’s only with a mix of both, cut throat ‘shatranj’ and theatrics. One hopes that the economic gloom doesn’t also return as was present during that decade. It is my belief and opinion that, the best way for the country at this juncture is for all the stalwarts to take a special ‘Golden Handshake’ or an extension to the NRO, and go away with their corrupt riches. I say go away with the riches because honestly I don’t see anyone bringing them to true justice. We need new faces to run this country, to lead it. We need fresh blood. Not fresh or new as in young blood, but certainly no one with anything to do with the 90’s or the Chaudry Bradraaan for that matter. The PPP, at the moment, seems to be the only party with that fresh agenda. Zardari so far playing his cards well, has gotten his own clean slate for life, become a king maker, and is practically the head of the party which would die for the Bhutto family. Yes, they are that loyal. MQM’s loyalists are something of a different league of course ( as was portrayed by the hysterical women crying at Altaf Hussain’s announcement to resign ).

Point being simple: The Politicking must now come to an end. There must be stability. There must be change in the society as well. The state of affairs of the country won’t change unless those concerned change themselves, and in this case they would be the nation themselves. Unless we change ourselves as a society, and here I am obliged to add that we are an unruly society for most parts and that needs to change. The social ethos needs to develop withing ourselves. The law abiding citizen must awaken. Only then can there be hope of change. And in fact will be change.

I once again end by saying All pray for this country.


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